Giving in

Life is too short to wear comfortable shoes, I’ve always said.

Thus, my closet is packed with about 100 pairs of heels, sky high boots, and glittery sandals.

It’s hard to find a pair of sneakers.

I do have a pair of Chuck Taylors.

And two pairs of running shoes.

Which is why it pains me to admit that I broke down and bought comfortable FLATS for my closet.

I just couldn’t take it anymore – walking in to work, balancing on delicate heels, trying not to break an ankle and turn into a yard sale.

My friend Barbara should be THRILLED.

She wears nothing but Tiek flats and she LOVES them.

You better love them if you’re spending over $300 a pair, is what I say!

I did not buy Tieks.

No, instead I bought a few pairs which I think will fit my unnaturally wide feet.

We’re not talking Hobbit-wide feet, just slightly wider than average.

Thus, these new pairs will be joining my closet in a week and will become staples for my wardrobe accessories.

I just can’t wear heels ALL DAY LONG anymore.

It hurts.

I give up!

Full disclosure: This MAY have something to do with me tripping TWICE in my black heels after a long day at work and literally almost RIPPING MY LITTLE TOE OFF MY RIGHT FOOT in the process.

Flats? Click. Buy.

Playa Boots: An Evolution

I have a THING for black shit kicker boots.

I’ll admit, it’s totally because of Burning Man.

I love the look of a pair of black platform boots coated in playa dust.

They’re impractical.

They keep you out of the dust, sure but they’re definitely not comfortable.

I have a collection of black shit kicker boots.

I loved my first pair of flatform boots but alas, I turned my ankles in them when I’ve been drinking so I had to find something more stable.

Yes, I once took a header at unSCruz, admid a cluster of people wearing these shoes. It was not a pretty sight.

Fortunately, I didn’t break an ankle.

My second pair of shoes was a pair of totally cool looking platform boots that tickled my fancy.

Unfortunately, they did not allow my curvy calves to fit in them and since I didn’t want to go around looking like a fool with half laced up boots, I retired them.

My third pair of shoes were really awesome, totally frivolous shoes which turned out to be way to painful to wear on a regular basis at Burning Man.

Oh, how my feet ached.

I finally had to switch to flip flops to soothe my aching feet.

I did ATTEMPT to buy something sensible, however I realized when they arrived in the mail that they were JUST TOO SENSIBLE FOR ME.

No oomph. No spark.

So I scrapped those shoes.

I have finally settled on what I think will be the perfect pair of shoes for the burn:

They’re platform boots, but the platform isn’t that high.

Yes, I won’t be 6’2” but that’s a compromise I can live with if I’m able to walk around the playa in comfort.

Once upon a time, I would never have even DREAMED of looking for sensible shoes to wear.

Sadly, as I get older, I appreciate comfort over style.

Or maybe I should say I appreciate mobility on the playa over style.

Either way, three years into going to Burning Man and I’m finally getting the hang of it.

At least the shoe part of it.

FYI, you wanna see my dream boots for Burning Man?

These are them:

Because nothing says frivolous and carefree as succinctly as a pair of rainbow colored stacked heel platform boots.

I heart!

Burning Man Essentials: Footwear


Don’t buy designer clothes.

Don’t wear designer jewelry.

Playa dust gets everywhere and it DESTROYS things.

The only notable exception to this is YOUR SHOES.

Wear good shoes. Your feet will thank you after a day of walking and biking and a night of dancing.

Don’t wear flip flops.

Your feet will be destroyed.

Or at least if you do wear flip flops, wear them a limited amount of time and treat your feet with lemon juice or vinegar after (acid to counteract the alkalinity of the playa).

I personally like boots. They protect my feet from the dust and they look stylish.

My current pair of boots is a men’s size 7 Trashville by Demonia boot.

It’s perfect for the burn.

Here are some shoes you can peruse to find a style that you like and want to wear on the playa:

Contains affiliate links.



I found a new love!

Don’t be surprised. You know I’ve been shopping around.

And the other day, WHAM!

It just happened.

I fell in love.

Friends, meet Trashville.

Isn’t he wonderful?!

Black, buckles, AND platform!

What more could a girl ask for?

This is one of the reasons why I LOVE Burning Man.

Because it gives me a place to wear SHOES LIKE TRASHVILLE!

And that pleases me more than you could imagine.

I love these shoes because they have a nice platform without being too over the top.

I have this pair of Qosmo platforms from YRU and, to be honest, I’ve turned into a yard sale more than once wearing this shoes.

Yes, I was drinking if you must know.

But Qosmo shoes are HARD TO WALK IN.

And given all the walking that goes on on the playa, I think it’s best to be a bit more subdued.

Shocking, I know.

Hold on to your panties!

Michelle actually made a RATIONAL decision.

Well, MORE rational than say these (which I also love):


It’s all relative. . .