Playa gifts

One of the ten principles of Burning Man is gifting.

ANYONE who knows ANYTHING about me knows that I LOVE to give gifts.

So this is right up my alley.

In 2015, I gifted SPF 30 organic mint chapstick.

In 2016, I gifted colorful necklaces I made out of metal washer with an epoxy coating.

This year, I’m giving away something I ordered and had laser engraved with the Burning Man logo. . .

. . .a credit card sized bottle opener.

It just struck me as being something VERY USEFUL and clever.

I ordered ball chain necklaces so I can give them away to people to wear, if they’d like to.

The only thing I hadn’t counted on?

How fricking HEAVY 100 of these puppies would be to bring to Burning Man with me.

I swear, the box weighs 20 pounds!