Feel free to poach

Honestly, when I decided to do a boudoir photo shoot in 2014, I impressed myself.

I did it not because there was some man I wanted to impress, no.

I did it because my initial reaction to seeing the boudoir photoshoot advertisement was “HELL NO!”

Then I paused and realized I didn’t want fear to hold me back.

So I signed myself up.

It was my BIG ADVENTURE of 2014.

Incidentally, Burning Man was my big adventure of 2015 and it BLEW MY BOUDOIR PHOTO SHOOT OUT OF THE WATER!

So today I cleaned one of my lingerie drawers and I came across PILES of lingerie I bought for my photo shoot.

So I did what any hot blooded American woman would do. . .

I put on my boudoir playlist on Spotify and listened to songs like:

Ooh La La by Goldfrapp

Red Riding Hood by Elysian Fields

Glory Box by Portishead

And the quintessential strip tune (thanks to Kim Basinger in Nine and a Half Weeks) You Can Leave Your Hat On by Joe Cocker.

I mean, what’s not to like about a man who can sing AND has a last name of Cocker?!

So here it is, in all its glory – MY BOUDOIR PLAYLIST.

Feel free to poach songs for your own photo shoot.

Boudoir photshoot, the proofs

Here are the photos from the shoot that I liked.  It’s amazing how the more I look at them, the more I like them and the sexier I feel.  Even unretouched, I think they capture my sexiness and playfulness.  I had a blast doing this and my only regret is that it’s such an expensive operation the cost prohibits me doing it on a regular basis.

Kind of ironic…. I didn’t really like any of the photos of me in the white t-shirt.

Also ironic… the pose of me taken from behind wearing the white underwear and thigh highs didn’t come out.  Sad face.

But here for your viewing pleasure… 12 of the 22 photos I selected.



Boudoir photoshoot, part 1


A lot of prep went into my boudoir photoshoot and I think it’s an indication of how obsessed I am with my body and making it look as good as possible.  As a society, we have such a narrow definition of beauty – one which I do not fit into – and so doing this photoshoot was not just a stretch for me, but also a little bit of therapy.

I got up Sunday morning around 7 am and basically lounged in bed obsessing over boudoir pictures and poses (on Pinterest) until it was time to get my makeup done.

I went to Kimberly, makeup artist extraordinare, and she did a fabulous near smoky eye for me.  If you’ve never had your makeup done, let me tell you, it is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable treats ever.  All those little brushes on your face feel exceptional.  And at the end, you look like you, only more fabulous!

Here I am post makeup by Kimberly.

After getting my makeup done, I went home and relaxed until it was time to get my hair done.  Hair was done by Ruey in Parlour 308, Los Gatos.  He did a fabulous job, as you can see….

I was already feeling awfully beautiful with my fabulous makeup and my shiny, bouncy, Victoria’s Secret hair.  So by the time my hair was done, I was ready to go to San Francisco to the hotel to hang out in the hotel bar and wait for the photographer to call me and tell me she’s ready.

In case you’re curious, here’s the breakdown of what this activity can cost you:

  • Airbrush tan – $25-$45
  • Hair style – $45 – $70
  • Makeup – $100 — $150
  • Hair Removal – $50-$115
  • New lingerie – $500 – $800 (not really necessary)
  • Tip for photographer – $20 – $50
  • Online research – 12 hours
  • Photographs – TBD

So as you can see, the Groupon may have cost only $45 but the whole shebang costs a great deal more.  It’s no small investment.

More later, including me going commando in the city….

For now I’ll leave you with this pic of all my lingerie for the photoshoot, piled high on my bed (note the AWESOME stiletto heels and the fishnet thigh highs).  Sexy!’