Amusement Ride

I’m not sure why, but unusual things happen to me that don’t happen to other people.

Granted, I have difficulty saying no and creating boundaries, so that could have something to do with what happened.

I was interested in testing out a “ride” at a festival.

A vibrating ride.

I assumed I’d ride on it fully clothed and enjoy the tickle.

I was told to take off my pants and climb on.

So I did.

No, I had to take off my underwear too.

Okay. . .

I was intrigued.

So I removed my panties and climbed on.

I was shown how to use the vibrator – how to change the speed and the depth of the vibrator.

Okay, cool.

I thought it was kind of interesting that the operator stayed in the tent with me while I was on the ride.

He proceeded to rub lube on my butt and spank me.

Okay. . .

I had asked for spankings, so I wasn’t too surprised.

But then he started really stroking me and before I knew it, I was shocked.


Yes indeed, there’s no other way to describe it other than to tell it like it is.

I got shocked by operator.

Now, you have to imagine that I was already a bit sore from hanging out with Coke Can Dan.

So this just sort of added to the discomfort I was feeling.

Lesson learned: No more pantsless amusement rides for me!

Not a half-ass kinda gal

MichelleI was approached by a guy who wants to have a relationship with me.

Not a traditional relationship, however (if there is such a thing).

No, he wanted to create a Relationship By Design.

It has a start date and an end date and rules that get followed.

For a moment, I paused and considered his proposal.

At a brief glance, his proposal seemed okay.

But then I thought about it more.

And more.

And the more I thought about it, the less I liked it.

First of all, if I’m going to throw myself into a relationship, it’s with someone who sees himself with me now and in the foreseeable future.

Not someone who is comfortable giving US an end date.

Why be with someone who only SORTA wants me?

And then there’s the rules – nice little boundaries put in place to sanitize/stabilize the “relationship” and make it palatable for both parties.

It’s like both parties agree to give 60% or so and the relationship is supposed to work???

That’s when I knew in my bones that THIS WAS NOT FOR ME.

I don’t want rules. I don’t want end dates. I don’t want to compartmentalize my relationship.

Not with him. Not with anyone.

It feels like a Relationship by Design is a way to create a relationship that’s not meant to work and give it a temporary shelf life so that the parties involved can half ass get their needs met.

And I don’t’ half ass anything.

I’m the whole ass or nothing.