New Bucket List Item

I’ve got a lot on my bucket list.

Things like visit Greece and Australia.

Go great white shark diving.

Dance all night at Burning Man (I haven’t done this yet).

Just the other day, I realized I had a new Bucket List item.

Something I was jonesing for hard.

Sex with a Swede.

Actually, sex with THE Swede. Fullstop.

I know. I know.

I’ve known him for a full year and we haven’t gotten around to it yet.

In my defense, he does live in Stockholm, 99% of the time.

It’s not like we’ve had the opportunity.

But there we were in his hotel room, rolling around on the bed, kissing and groping when I realized that I wanted this man.



I just added him to my bucket list.

Have you ever heard of a bucket list, I asked him.

Yes, he replied.

Guess what’s on my bucket list, I prodded him.

I don’t know. What’s on your bucket list, he asked.

“Sex with a Swede,” I whispered in his ear.

“I can help with that,” he offered. . .

Bucket List

I don’t think of myself as a daring person and yet when I look back on some of the things I’ve done, they seem remarkably daring…

  • Running with the bulls
  • Driving a race car
  • Kayaking with whales in 8 foot swells
  • Skydiving

I’ve got a number of things on my bucket list that are pretty daring…

  • Dive with great white sharks
  • Hike to base camp at Everest
  • Travel to Australia

I don’t know when I started doing these things.  I made a bucket list of what I wanted to do with a partner and then I got impatient waiting for my partner to show up.  So I started checking things off my bucket list.

Other things on my bucket list are:

Angkor Wat in Cambodia
The Pyramids of Giza
Swim with the jellyfish in Palau’s Jellyfish Lake
Stay in a treehouse in Costa Rica (Bellavista)
Chichen Itza ruins in Mexico
Carnivale in Brazil
Petra, Jordan
Stay in a glass igloo in Finland and watch the aurora borealis (so romantic)
Hike to Machu Picchu
Go to Lebanon to see the family doire
Explore the catacombs of Paris
ICEHOTEL in Sweden (listening to Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song”) also very romantic
And more…

So even though I don’t feel daring, I hope I’m a daring woman.  The kind who challenges others to do more, be more, and to constantly grow and evolve.

Watch me check things off my bucket list!