Doing what I love

I refuse to bitch about not getting any because. . .

. . . I’m so frigging busy, there’s no time to think about sex let alone participate.

I spent 10 days at work hosting 10 events, all related to cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is not my most favorite topic.

Give me $100 and a computer and ask me to build a dragon costume and I’M ALL OVER IT!

I could occupy myself for HOURS!

So you can imagine, I was relieved when the events were successfully laid to rest.

I expected things to lighten up, but they didn’t.

I’m creating an entire website for work.

And I’m volunteering for a Regional Burn.

And I’m leading a camp at unSCruz.

And I’m on a board for a local burner group.

And I’m organizing the Bare Burn.

As well as a Costume Workshop and Clothing Exchange, and a Meet & Greet.

Where has all my free time gone?

Between the events, the meetings, and the volunteer work, I’m maxed out (almost)!

Of course, I’m forgetting one very important past time I need to keep up with:


Don’t feel bad for me though.

Because I’m doing things that I LOVE!

And there’s nothing better than spending time on things I enjoy.

Even if it doesn’t include S E X.

Open Season

It’s dating season.

At least that’s what all the online dating sites are saying.

It’s their busiest time of the year.

And I’d be busy dating too…

…except that all my weekends and evenings are being taken up with burner activities.

And I’m perfectly happy this way.

Actually, I have WAY MORE FUN at burner events than I do going on carbon copy dates with questionable men.

Still, if I don’t want to be single FOREVER I guess I need to put myself out there more and actually respond to the men who email me and go out on dates with them.

The latest guy is a tall, handsome, bald vegetarian who lives in the East Bay and has a SUPER CUTE pet pit bull.

You know that having a dog makes a man sexier, right?

Maybe I can take him to a burner event. See if he can hang with my friends and acquaintances.

But I’m sensing there will be a BIG BACON CONFLICT.

I once remarked that the quality of your life isn’t dependent on the money you have, the car you drive, or the job you work at. It’s about the quality of the relationships you’ve established.

And I, my dears, have got that in SPADES!

It kind of kicks dating to the back burner.

Who wants to go to another dinner at Opa in downtown Los Gatos and drink another $500 bottle of Malbec when there’s a Santa Con costume pub crawl?

Just asking…