Colorful kilts and sari skirts

I’m working on an inspiration board for Burning Man 2021.

I’ve got a collection of LOOKS going on and I’m excited at the idea of working on outfits for the burn.

First, I’m loving the look of this model in a bright kilt:

You can find online versions of contemporary kilts HERE for $59.78 and HERE for $100.

Truthfully, I’m in love with this Indian-inspired skirt.

I’m so in love with it, that I checked out sari-style skirts online and found some very playful sari skirts which would look great at Burning Man:

But overall the themes to my 2021 Burning Man Inspiration Board are:

Transparency, fringe, rainbows, aliens and galaxy prints:

I’m also MADLY in love with this look for a man:

Overalls – HERE for $38.33 or HERE for $38.52; horns – HERE for $45+, and HERE for $190.