Hugs needed

I’m missing my Burning Man community something fierce.

I’ve managed to keep in touch with some people, like Nadine and Tejas, but overall I’m missing the camaraderie of the larger burner community.

There used to be get togethers every week, it felt like.

Now, we’re all sheltering in place in our own personal spaces, missing one another.

I for one can’t wait until the Shelter in Place order is lifted and small group gatherings are permitted.

More than anything, I DREAM about having a weekend campout, perhaps at a certain nudist resort in the Santa Cruz Mountains, with my friends.

I have costumes to test out, after all.

And I have free hugs to give (and receive).

Plus, there’s naked swimming and naked pool volleyball to be had.

I can just picture myself lounging in the hot tub, tasty beverage in hand, laughing with friends.

I suppose this is all just a way to say I miss everyone I used to see regularly at Burner events and I can’t wait to share hugs and affection with them when we do gather together again.

It’s hard to believe we won’t be at Burning Man together in 11 weeks.

Normally, I’d be in the throes of preparation for my trip but instead I’m just reorganizing supplies and dreaming of TTITD.

Hugs needed.

I’m lonely.

The Girl from the Song

The other day I joined a Netflix Party and watched The Girl from the Song, a film made at the Burn in 2015.

It tells the story of a clueless but talented British guitar player who falls in love with a carefree young lady and follows her to Burning Man to sing a song he wrote for her.

Overall, I give the movie a B+.

I found the characters a little one-dimensional and some of the dialogue a little unrealistic.

Certain things, like a Greeter being rude and the scene where everyone plays in a pile of mud (definitely not a Leave No Trace activity), I had to suspend my disbelief over.

My experience of Burning Man and the filmmaker’s experience of Burning Man are vastly different.

But then that’s what makes Burning Man so special.

It’s never the same for any two people.

And I respect her experience.

There were some things I LOVED about this movie.

A scene which featured Alexander Milov’s Love sculpture caught my eye.

It features two wire figures sitting back to back, while inside the figures of their inner children reach out for one another.

Posing the actors in front of Love as they were struggling with their relationship definitely sent a powerful subliminal message and I loved remembering my own experience at this dramatic art piece.

And of course the filmmaker managed to capture the complete and utter joy and awesomeness of Burning Man by filming some of the magnificent art pieces that grace the playa – like Revolution:

I was at the Burn in 2015 so the art and scenery were familiar to me and made me so nostalgic for HOME.

The man burns in 488 days.


Burning Man Reflections

Now, in the midst of all the sadness over the cancellation of Burning Man, I want to take a moment to reflect on what has happened in my life since I first landed a lucky ticket in the Main Sale of 2015.

I could never have known then how very much it was going to change my life.

From finding my “tribe” to developing new passions, it’s been a journey that began with one simple desire:

Write a series of blog posts about going to Burning Man.

I’ll never forget the panic that set in right after I purchased my first Burning Man ticket.

Here I was, a single 40-year old woman getting ready to go camping for a week in one of the harshest environments known to man BY MYSELF.

I knew I needed to find people to go with.

My very first “burner” event was a costume exchange and workshop in the Santa Cruz Mountains hosted by the South Bay Burners.

I met the event organizer for the first time at that workshop and after talking to her, I was more convinced than ever that I could do this.

Since that time, I have attended Burning Man every year and each year has been a different experience but one thing is sure:  I grew as a person because of my experiences there.

I developed a passion for costuming and cosplay.

I grew to love EDM music and dancing until all hours of the night.

I learned all about new campmates and developed lifelong friendships.

I see lots of Burning Man pictures on the internet.

Most involve scantily clad women posing by art in a dusty and barren environment.

To me, that’s the least of what I’ve seen at Burning Man.

For me, Burning Man is alive and well and living in the effortless dusty grins on the faces of my friends and all Burning Man participants.

It truly is a magical wonderland and I for one will always be thankful I stumbled upon it, even at the ripe age of 40.

I’ve always been a strong advocate for lifelong learning and for me, Burning Man is another way to continue to grow and develop as a person.

It’s not just a way in which I continue to develop new skills and explore who I am as a person, it is (in my opinion) THE BEST way to do it!

I encourage everyone to come see what’s it’s all about.

If Burning Man is too much of a commitment for you, try a regional burn like unSCruz or Precompression in the city.

There’s a million ways to get involved.

What are you waiting for?

Stayin’ Alive

Burning Man 2020 has been cancelled.

I am crushed but resigned to the fact that our lives are going to be dramatically altered in order to combat COVID-19.

Honestly, it makes a lot of sense to cancel Burning Man.

People have to get together and congregate in order to build the art and critical infrastructure that is needed to create Black Rock City.

Burning Man has been careful to emphasize that Burning Man isn’t cancelled, just the container of Black Rock City which gave us a city to practice the 10 Principles.

I’m not going to lie.

Burning Man in Black Rock City is a HUGE part of the Burning Man experience for me.

I knew that while I was sitting in line at Gate the first time, watching people get out of their cars and party in the lanes with music, beers, and festivity that this city was something special.

It does something extraordinary to the people who attend.

Now, in order to keep the Burning Man vision alive, we will need to find novel ways to combat isolation and once again gather together virtually and spiritually.

If I don’t seem too concerned, it’s because I’m not.

Burning Man for me is a YEAR ROUND experience.

From themed birthday parties to fundraisers to backyard entertainment, Burning Man is alive and well and living in the hearts of all my friends.

What I am MOST concerned about is the internal layoffs at Burning Man.

What a terrible time to be unemployed.

My heart goes out to the hardworking Burning Man staff who create the container that is Burning Man for the rest of us to enjoy.

The Burn will rise again triumphant, I have no doubt of that.

We will keep it alive until we can all get together again.


So I got a hat for a Burning Man outfit.

It’s a camel colored felt hat with matching hat band:

I like the bohemian feel of the hat but I don’t like the matchy-match-ness of the hat band.

So I went online to etsy and found an artist who creates custom hat bands and I purchased one of theirs to go with the hat:

I like the natural fibers and the rustic feel of this hat band more than I like the other.

It should go very nicely with my felt hat, which in turn will be great at keeping the sun off my head and out of my eyes.

Check out the full outfit:

Hopefully, it won’t be too much for the weather at Burning Man, but I imagine with a skirt that’s as ventilated as the one I’m wearing I’ll be just fine.



God only knows if Burning Man will or won’t take place this summer.

I lean towards it being cancelled just because I think it might be a dangerous time to start allowing gatherings again, especially one as intimate as Burning Man is.

We’re talking Orgy Dome, cuddle puddles, hugs, multi-use foot baths, lack of handwashing stations, food prepared in outdoor kitchens, etc.

But, just in case it happens, I am prepared:

I have costumes all lined up and ready to go and quite honestly, I’m so pleased with the results of my costuming efforts.

I’ll throw in my White Wednesday outfit and a tutu for Tutu Tuesday and call it a day!

Smoke Show

I have decided my next costume will be titled “SMOKE SHOW.”

For a very obvious reason:

This is the tank I’m wearing with THIS delightful long fringe skirt:

Add a black high-waisted bikini and THIS lovely layered necklace and some boots and you got a lewk.

Please note:  Yes, I am aware I am not a smoke show.  But at Burning Man, I always FEEL like one, so I’m just gonna go with it.

MOOP managed

The other day, while browsing Instagram, I came across a photo tagged with #BurningMan2018.

It was a photograph of a nearly naked Caucasian woman.

Covering her breasts were glitter and rhinestones.

She wore a tiny thong.

And on her head she wore a rainbow mohawk made of feathers.


I’m not a hater or an internet troll, but this picture bothered me.

It was an ideal representation of MOOP and cultural appropriation, two things I think Burning Man discourages.

Don’t get me wrong.

The woman was BEAUTIFUL.

And the picture was flawless.

But did it really represent Burning Man 2018?




MOOP is a HUGE problem at Burning Man and pictures like this promote the myth that things like glitter and questionably attached rhinestones are the norm at Burning Man.

Several people expressed their dislike of the photo in the comments section and I liked a comment that said, “This doesn’t represent Burning Man to me.”

The photographer responded with a “Hey, self-expression is encouraged at Burning Man.”


But not when it creates MOOP.

Leave No Trace, buddy.

Anyway, I went back to Instagram to grab the photo for this post only to discover that it had been taken down.

Or perhaps the #BurningMan2018 hashtag had been removed.

MOOP managed.



Mermaid Hair, don’t care

I’ve been looking into hair extensions for Burning Man.

Reason #1:  I like really colorful things – just look at all the rainbows in my Burning Man closet!

Reason #2:  I like brightly colored hair.  It just looks awesome and edgy AF.

Reason #3:  I work in a place which would look down on me dyeing my hair pink or blue.  I mean they put up with my nose piercing but I’m not sure they’d survive my orange hair!

Since I know so little about hair extensions, I’m going to play around with some cheap ones until I figure out what I like and what works.

But just to inspire you, here are some INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL women with mermaid hair:

mermaid-hair1 mermaid-hair2
mermaid-hair3 mermaid-hair4

So I bought two kinds of hair extensions – a pretty lavender hair extension:


And a few brightly colored pieces:


As far as the multicolored stands go, I’d like to combine the peach, lavender and salmon for a rosy look and the fuchsia, dark blue, and purple for a more “galactic look” (can anyone see me in my Galactic Pussy hat with this hair?):


Yeah, galaxy hair is AWESOME!

Now, I just need to work on LIGHTING UP MY HAIR and then you can color me satisfied!

FYI, here is my Galactic Pussy hat: