Sleeping alone

My doctor stayed late working on Friday just so she could get the results from my biopsy and let me know via email that there were no pre-cancer cells present.

Let me say that again.


You can’t IMAGINE how relieved I was.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, I get a clean bill of health.

It was exactly as I hoped and everything I wanted.

The best part of finding out your pussy isn’t broken is that you feel so ecstatic about it your flirt game goes up a notch.

I went to a Tacos and Tequila bar crawl and had THE BEST TIME.

I got my flirt on (as best I could when most of the men I ran into were coupled up or way too young for me) and managed to pass out my card to not one, but TWO men – both of whom were interested in finding out more about Burning Man.

There was one gentleman, an angry young man who raged about his mother leaving him in a crack house, who played a game of “Whose childhood was more fucked up” with my friend.

I steered VERY CLEAR of him.

By the end of the night, it was time for me to go to bed.

Yes, alone.

But at least we now know that won’t be for long.

P.S.  I ran into a HIGH SCHOOL FRIEND I hadn’t seen since HIGH SCHOOL while on the Tacos and Tequila pub crawl.  Shout out to Lynne!

Costume building

I’m looking for inspiration for my next set of Burning Man outfits.

Lately, I’ve been inspired by tie-dye, bright colors, butterflies, stars, pineapples, the color white and costumes.

We’ve established my peacock and butterfly outfits already:

Although, I am skeptical that I will wear the matching wigs on account of the playa being too dry and hot for me to actually get my hair up in a wig cap without dying of heatstroke first.

I also have a St. Pauli Girl costume which I will wear because my friend and I are hosting Oktoberfest at the No Drama Bar again this year.

Imagine ice cold brew on the playa. . .

Ah, so refreshing!

I’ve been looking at white simply because of “White Wednesdays” and also because there’s a “white” party on the playa that I’d like to attend.

My previous white dress has seen better days and needs replacing:

Although I can’t bear to get rid of it because that dress has been a good luck charm for me.

Wink, wink!

It’s so hot during the days at Burning Man that I’m really working on MINIMAL outfits to wear – short shorts, camis, sleeveless bodysuits, short cotton dresses and rompers.

Yes, I may ACTUALLY slip into a romper.

I also need to do something about a tutu.

Burning Man pretty much destroys everything you bring there and my tutus have seen better days.

So once again, I’m going into costume building mode where I look for inspiration online then build a costume around what inspires me.

Lucky me!


UnSCruz came and went and honestly, I’m still recovering from ALL THAT FUN!

I arrived on Wednesday morning and got my camp set up in an hour.

After that, it was nothing but the occasional work shift and a lot of day (and night) drinking.

I think I started off Friday morning with not one, not two, but THREE BLOODY MARYS.

And one was a double!

Six ounces of vodka in a six-hour period means I was feeling no pain.

Which was great, because as it turned out I gave myself a SUNBURN on Thursday.

A bad sunburn.

But one I was thankful for because IT WAS SO COLD AT NIGHT that my sunburn helped to keep me warm (a bit).

More on the temperature later.

In any case, here are some photos I can share from the event.

Hope you like!

Happiness is. . .

Here’s what frustration and angst look like:

What you’re looking at here is the landing page for the Burning Man Main Sale.

Please note the unusual “Enter access code” with semi-invisible button, something none of us were told about in any communications prior to the sale.

Also, the drop down menus for $425 Ticket and $100 Vehicle Pass have no other option but ‘0’.

I kept reloading the page, because I’m not about to stop shopping until the Org has announced that tickets have sold out.

A few times I was even told that the tickets were “Sold Out” but there was no official announcement on Twitter so I kept trying.

Finally, I was able to select ‘2’ for tickets and ‘1’ for vehicle pass and progress to the next screen, which also had invisible buttons and multiple page reloads but finally, I got my ticket confirmation.

This, my friends, is what happiness looks like:

It wasn’t the most robust system and it certainly wasn’t the most intuitive system, what with all the invisible buttons and page reloads, but I persevered and now I have tickets for Burning Man.

Mind you, I logged in to buy tickets at 12:03 pm after my attempts to login via the webmail button I was sent failed and I had to go through the link in my Burner Profile.

My sale was completed at 2:27 pm.

I’m pretty sure I scrambled for some of the last tickets being sold.

But I’m happy.

And I wish all the other burners out there looking for tickets a speedy and successful search.


I’ve slowly but surely been cleaning up my three-car garage.

I have SO MUCH camping equipment and Burning Man gear it’s unbelievable!

I shocked myself by donating items that I considered essential which I had never even OPENED.

I am nothing if not a consumer.

Yes, I have problems with impulse control.

And not just when it comes to shopping. . . but that’s another blog post, isn’t it?

While cleaning out my garage, I came across several things I’d been looking for:

My Burning Man high-waisted bathing suit bottoms:

I’ve been looking for these in order to pair them with my bikini top:

And my mesh dress:

For Burning Man, naturally.


All my Burning Man friends are INVITED to ask to see me in these when we’re on the playa.

Keep me honest now and help me to finally crawl out of the dark and into the light of body positivity.

I also found my bottle openers, of which I have at least 50 left.

I’m excited at the thought of passing them out again, even though my gift to the playa this year will most likely be engraved stainless steel carabiner mugs:

The last thing I came across was my wax warmer.

At work, we hired a new employee who uses an aromatherapy diffuser at her desk and I SWEAR I’ve been twice as productive when the scent wafts over the divider to my cube.

Who knew aromatherapy could be so helpful?

And who knew cleaning the garage would lead to me finding all these treasures?!

Mug design

I worked on my design a little and wound up with this image:

Tejas likes this image more than my previous image:

But honestly, given that I want to etch this design on a stainless steel cup with a carabiner for a handle, doesn’t it make sense to have a simpler design?

One that allows the logo to be LARGER and more VISIBLE?

I’m not even sure that the caterpillars will show up properly, they’re so small and delicate.

So I’m still playing around with designs, but right now, this is the winner:

Not too shabby, eh?

I’m not sure I like it with more bells and whistles thrown in.


Attempting graphic design

I worked on a little logo for the 2019 Burning Man:  Metamorphosis.

I took the man logo and gave him butterfly wings.

Because what says transformation more than butterflies?

Frogs, perhaps?

Now THERE’S a transformation – from water-dwelling polywog to air breathing amphibian!

But for me, I chose butterflies instead of frogs because, let’s face it, butterflies are lovely, ethereal and, most importantly, easy to draw.

I created this design:

I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to use it.

Engraved dog tag?

Custom pendant?

Custom cup?


I’m not really sure what I want to do with it or even IF I’m going to do something with it, but for now, at least I have a design.


P.S. Tejas doesn’t like my design.  He says it’s not very “unique.”


At least it’s appropriate.


What can I give away on the playa that’s symbolic of Burning Man and me?

That’s a very good question.

I’m looking into sewing a zippered MOOP bag (aka a “pouch”) for my gift.

For a 6” x 9” pouch, I can sew 12 pouches per yard of fabric.

I’d probably only need to sew 3 yards worth of fabric to make 36 pouches to give away.

I love this Asian-themed butterfly fabric:

And then some beautiful light blue lining fabric:

And finished off with a lovely contrasting pink zipper:

No, it’s not the MOST MASCULINE thing I’ve ever made, but what the hell – it’s a FREE gift to my friends and campmates.

They can use it for MOOP, a dop kit, a jewelry kit, or even a small makeup bag.

Playa gifts 2019 edition

It’s that time of year again when I start planning my playa gift.

Gifting is one of the 10 Principles of Burning Man and I must say, it’s one of my favorites along with Radical Inclusion.

Basically, the premise is that no money is exchanged at Burning Man.

No trading/bartering either.

Instead, everything is gifted from one person to another.

It’s such a lovely tradition.

One year, I was gifted a white LED flower crown from a bride because I complimented her on it.

She took it off and gave it to me, just like that.

In 2015, I gifted organic mint SPF30 chapstick.

Lesson learned: DO NOT put the year on your label because leftovers will be outdated.

I have a box of chapstick in my garage now that I’ll never use up.

In 2016, I gifted pendants that I made out of washers.

Pretty, but oh so heavy.

In 2017, I had a GENIUS idea to gift credit card sized beer bottle openers with the Burning Man logo:

What can I say about this gift?

It was brilliant!

In 2018, I gifted glass pendant necklaces which were very popular.

Possibly the most popular gift I’ve ever given.

This year however, I am struggling to come up with an idea.

I could sew something, since I like to sew.

But what to sew that’s useful for everyone?

I could also revisit my glass pendants since I really liked working with glass.

Quite frankly, I’m a little lost at the moment and brainstorming is getting me nowhere.


What awesome gifts have you encountered on the playa?

The Toilet Dilemma

In my last camp at Burning Man, we had a dedicated porto potty for the camp to use.

This was INCREDIBLY convenient.

I loved not having to walk a few blocks to use the communal porto potties.

Those things get nasty SUPER FAST on the playa, while a private porto potty usually remains pretty clean and usable (i.e. women can sit on the seat without fear of contracting a deadly fecal disease).

So now I’m in a new camp and I’m researching porto potties to bring one into camp.

You may not know this – I didn’t – but you need one porto potty per day for every 30 people you have camping with you.

Exciting news, eh?

We have 40 people in our camp, so I’m guessing we can still get away with one porto potty so long as we get regular pump outs.

And by regular, I mean DAILY.

My dilemma is this: even if we do manage to get a porto potty in my new camp, I am wondering if I should still bring my little portable toilet:

It’s the size of a briefcase and fits nicely in my tent.

I simply HATE getting up in the middle of the night and braving the cold playa weather in my nightgown in order to use the loo.

I know, I know.

First world problems.

A porto potty AND a private toilet?

Aren’t I spoiled.

But on the playa, it’s the little luxuries that make the burn.

And a private toilet sure as hell beats even a CLEAN porto potty any day of the week.

Despite the fact that the toilet seals nicely so it can be carried to a porto potty and dumped, I’m worried about the smell.

No way I want my hot tent smelling of piss.

So perhaps I’ll bring the portable toilet, perhaps I won’t.

Maybe I’ll bring another tiny tent and it’ll be my changing room / bathroom.

Now, won’t that be elegant?