Hello little kitty cat

My household is has one cat.

That’s down from the four cats we used to have.

One was stolen, one was eaten by coyotes, and one died from a stroke.

I am a dog person at heart but I appreciate the independence of cats and the occasional camaraderie that they provide.

So I fell in love with this post on reddit:

Aww from aww

Back to my cat.

His name is Callie and he’s about 16 or 17 years old now, so not long for this world although in the scheme of things no one is permanent:

Callie keeps me company while I work from home and I really enjoy leaning over and petting his soft fur every time I need a little break or a pick me up.

Callie and my kid get along famously and if she’s around, Callie will climb into her lap and just sit there waiting for affection:

My kid hates having pictures taken so this is the best picture I was able to get showing Callie and my kid snuggling.

There’s a lot that can be said for holding a purring kitty cat on your lap!


Princess’ Story

On December 5th around 4 pm in the afternoon, I put my lovely cat Princess to sleep.

I had her 15 years.

When I found her all those 15 years ago, she was a stray cat in Saratoga living in a barn, with five kittens.

She ate food out of Bella Saratoga’s dumpster to survive.

She fiercely protected her kittens and every one who worked at the spa with me was scared of her.

I clearly remember her hissing at me and flattening herself to the ground, like an angry brown cloud, then running away from me.

I trapped her and her kittens.

When I brought her to see the vet, the vet refused to take her out of the cage, she was so scared of getting bitten or scratched.

That’s how fierce my little Princess was.

I thought Princess was feral but she was so beautiful, with her Burmese markings and her blue, blue eyes, from the moment I saw her I was determined to keep her.

She hid under my couch for a week.

Slowly though, she came around.

I’d like to take the credit for it, but the truth is Princess loved men and she warmed up to my ex-husband before she warmed up to me.

I woke up the morning of December 5th and went through my morning routine with Princess.

Petting her.

Feeding her the treats she demanded from me on a regular basis.

She jumped up on the couch to get attention.

She was old, but vital.

I went to work as usual.

But then I got a text from my son a few hours later.

Something is wrong with Princess.

She threw up, had a seizure, and couldn’t move her back legs.

I immediately left work and took her to the vet.

She was dying right there on the table in the veterinary clinic.

Her eyes were closed.

She barely moved.

A few times, I thought she was already dead.

With a VERY heavy heart, I held her while the vet put her to sleep.

It’s been just a few days since she died and I miss her TREMENDOUSLY.

Memories of my sweet Princess keep me up at night.

I thought I had more time with her.

But apparently, she had someplace to be.

RIP Princess, quite possibly the best little rescue cat I’ll ever be lucky enough to call my baby.




I picked up Wendy’s ashes from the vet and she now lives in my room, on a bookshelf.

It was a sad and sobering moment placing her on the shelf, wishing she was still alive and thriving.

I miss her terribly.

I’m down to one pet now – a cat named Princess.

She’s a GORGEOUS Burmese cat with light blue eyes and the SWEETEST demeanor.

I found her in a barn behind the spa I worked at over a decade ago. She was raiding the nearby dumpster for food and had 5 little kittens with her.

I found homes for the kittens but kept her on account of WHAT A BEAUTIFUL CAT SHE IS.

I didn’t care that she was virtually feral.

I loved her from the moment I saw her.

And she has turned into a very UNFERAL lap kitty.

So you can imagine my dismay when I took her to the vet and found out she had fleas, a gum infection AND pancreatitis.

Between my sons and I, she is getting her medications round the clock to take care of all her illnesses.

In an effort to fatten her up, I went nuts on amazon and bought her eight different flavors of cat treats and a little stuffed turtle filled with catnip.

Because I ALWAYS go overboard.

Luckily, Princess seems to like ALL HER TREATS so I’m hoping she fattens up soon and puts a little weight on her sleight frame.

Lord knows, I’m in no shape to lose another pet.

Squeak squeak!

I know I’ve mentioned this before but I LOVE all the themes that the Burning Man community comes up with for their parties.

And honestly, how can you beat a party with a suspension display, fire performances, and free booze (as long as you bring your own cup)?

The triplets joint birthday party is coming up in January and I’ve already been planning ahead.

The theme is “Pussycats and Playthings.”

The triplets will be dressed like pussycats.

I get to dress as a plaything.

I thought about a feathered outfit at first.

And Barbara even suggested dressed like a giant penis because “pussies play with penises, get it?”

But in the end, I’m opting to get dressed up as a mouse.

A cute little grey mouse with ears and a matching tail and bow tie.