Halloween 2016

It’s almost Halloween!

And Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday.  Even more so than Thanksgiving/Christmas festivities.

This year, my aunt and uncle are throwing their FAMOUS Halloween party in Castro Valley.

I will be going as the Cheshire Cat.

The Cheshire Cat was my new costume for Burning Man 2016 which I never wore because I loaned out my light up purple tutu, forgetting that it was part of that costume.

Oops!  My bad.

So there was no Michelle dressed as the Cheshire Cat at Burning Man.


To remedy this, I plan to whoop it up at Uncle D’s and Aunt S’s Halloween party.

There are POWERFUL forces at work in their house – like jello shots and Irish Car Bomb trains.

Check out my costume:

cheshire catI want to add some dramatic makeup but seeing as how I like to eat and drink at parties I’m worried I’ll ruin the makeup – especially a HUGE Cheshire Cat grin!

cheshireIt should be a very fun party, especially since I think my brother Art will be there along with my cousins Jennifer, Travis, and Bella.



So my friend Mark was messaging me the other day when the topic of HIGH SCHOOL REUNIONS came up.

As I rule, I have shunned reunions.

I think they exist so that graduates can go through unnecessary efforts to show off how GREAT they are doing while simultaneously gossiping about other graduates.

It all seems a little forced and contrived.

I keep in touch with all the people I want to from high school.

And now that there’s Facebook, I can keep in touch with all the people I didn’t want to keep in touch with from high school.

I joke.

I LOVE all my Facebook friends.

In any case, I half jokingly said that if I were to go to a reunion, I’d wear my Cheshire cat costume from Burning Man.

cheshire catAnd that’s when it hit me. . .

I really WOULD wear a costume to a reunion.

Just to show how seriously I take all the pomp and circumstance surrounding a reunion.