The greatest love story I’ll ever live

These two own my heart. . .

Fingers Crossed

Elon Musk took his FIVE sons to a pumpkin patch.

That’s right.

The CEO and founder of SpaceX and Tesla, Inc. has FIVE sons.

I’m less concerned with how something like that happened and more concerned with how wonderful and chaotic it must be to be the father of FIVE BOYS.

I know it was CRAZY with my two.

Elon’s five boys remind me how very badly I want to have more children.

I thought for sure it would happen in the years after I got divorced.

I was sure I’d meet someone special, settle down, and maybe have a girl or two.

Or another boy.

I’ll always feel like my family is too small since I lost Douglas and Ruby.

Missing children.

It is my lot in life to carry around the burden of having lost children.

I have, by no means, cornered the market in this area and I am aware there are bigger burdens than mine.


I want more kids.

Now, I’ve TOTALLY given up on the idea of having more kids of my own.

I’m too close to the tail end of raising my boys to turn around and start all over.

But reading about Elon Musk’s abundance of children, I am struck with the hope that perhaps, if I’m lucky, I will meet someone special who has children of his own.

The game is not lost, my friends.

I could still wind up with a girl or another boy.

I am struck, given my own adoption background, how families are made in all different ways.

I happen to have two mothers and two fathers, an abundance of siblings (six), and even more cousins, aunts and uncles.

So I know better than anyone that more than blood makes a family.

There’s hope for me.

I might get more kids yet!

Fingers crossed.


More power to him

While arguing in the hallway of our house, my oldest son recommended to me that I better not let my youngest son kick him in the balls because, as he put it, “I’m your best chance of having grandchildren.”

He of course is referring to my youngest son being gay. When he was 12 he came out to the family standing on the stairs in our house, yelling it out for all to hear.

To this comment, my youngest son responded, “Haven’t you ever heard of a surrogate, stupid?”

Okay, I may not agree with the stupid part, but I definitely agree with his way of thinking and I think it’s symptomatic of a generation that’s growing up without the same boundaries that were forced on their parents. A generation of problem solvers and creative thinkers.

I am, of course insanely proud of my children, and especially my youngest son who faces judgments, criticism, and people who mock him every day and still manages to stand tall and proud of who he is.

As for having children, I think it’s incredible that he’s thought about it already and decided that he has options if he wants to start a family.

More power to him, I say.

The kid is unstoppable!