Kangaroo, and alligator and elk, oh my!

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 9.33.34 AMMy mom’s birthday is a week after Christmas so I typically get her one big present to celebrate both days.

This year I bought a Groupon to La Fondue restaurant for Le Freak menu tasting and a bottle of champagne.

Yesterday we had dinner there.

Le Freak is aptly named, because there is SO MUCH FOOD, only a freak could eat it all.

I have to admit, I was excited about all the exotic meats that I could try – everything from Australian kangaroo to Louisiana alligator.


The kangaroo was just awful. Really chewy and not very tasty at all. I ate two pieces just to be sure I hated it.

And I hated it.

The alligator was much better, although still nothing to write home about. It was nicely marinated which I think helped add to the flavor of it.

We also had Texas boar, Texas venison, Wyoming buffalo (awful), and Canadian Elk.

Out of all of them, the Texas venison was the best. It was delicate and fell apart in my mouth.

The best part of the meal was getting my mom to relax and enjoy a 2 hour dinner with several glasses of champagne. The woman works really hard taking care of her 4 grandsons so it’s nice to see her take time for herself.

The worst part of the meal was the table of 8 shrieking women sitting next to us who made it hard to hear anything we were saying.  Although I must admit, I found it challenging to cook raw meat on a grill in dim light, unable to se good enough to tell when the meat is cooked.  I think I ate raw lobster tail.

All in all, a lovely time though I must say,


And… I didn’t chug the chocolate fondue on a dare this time.


Go on, I DARE you

IMG_7479Go on, I DARE you.

I always laugh in the movies when the devilish character is able to get the hero/heroine to do something they shouldn’t by simply daring them to do it.

It seems ludicrous that they would fall for such a simple and obvious trick.

But then there’s me.

I can’t stand to back down from a challenge so if someone dares me, I’m going ALL IN.

Once, my uncle arrived at my father’s house and drank a beer. He then went to hop back on his motorcycle to take off and asked if I wanted a ride.

Just after a beer?

Ummmm, no.

Oh, go on. I DARE you.

Magic words.

I was on the back of that motorcycle riding around with my uncle before you could even say UNCLE.

That’s the way it goes with me.

So you can imagine, when I had dinner the night before Burning Man with my sister Lisa and ma friend at Bistro Napa in the Atlantis Hotel and Casino in downtown Reno, something was bound to happen.

We just ordered chocolate fondue but we’re all so stuffed we could barely eat it.

The waiter put it in a one quart Styrofoam container for us to take home.

I took the quart of runny chocolate sauce and pretended to drink it.

I dare you to drink it for real, my sister said.

In the blink of an eye, I was chugging that sweet, warm chocolate down my gullet.

You dared me?

Ha!   I’ll show you.

Well, as it turned out, the fondue had the last laugh. It gave me a food baby and made me feel nauseous for most of the night.

So if you want to know whether or not it is smart to chug a quart of liquid chocolate and liqueur, the answer is decidedly NO, NOT SO MUCH.