She’s crafty!

Yesterday was art day for my sister and I.

First we had a delicious vegan breakfast at Grate Full Gardens in downtown Reno.

Then we went to the Nevada Art Museum and stared at art.

This was outside and made me think of Burning Man:

We were so INSPIRED by the art we saw we decided to try our own hand at it and went to Clay Canvas to paint pottery.

I started with a small blank platter.

I added a little paint and voila. . . a nice cheese platter for my mom:

What amused me about the whole painting process is that my sister and I picked up a bottle of wine to sip and enjoy while we were painting.

Right next door to The Clay Canvas is a restaurant that sells bottles of wine to go.

It’s a match made in heaven.

So we got our bottle of wine, slipped it into a brown baggie, and opened it at the pottery store.

Since we didn’t have cups, I grabbed two dixie cups.

Classy, eh?

Well, the hostess at the clay store OBVIOUSLY thought this was insane, because she came to us while we were sipping out dixie cups and she handed us two clear plastic cups.

I mean, it’s okay to drink wine while you paint, but could you please drink your wine out of a proper cup?

That’s my sister and I – always classing up a joint!


Well, one of the guys I was going out with, Jake, found this blog and cancelled our date for last night.

“Hey there, I’m going to have to cancel tonight. You stay classy! -Jake”

Of course, his name is only Jake on this blog.  So once it sank in what that meant, I had the good sense to feel sheepish about it.

“Do I owe you an apology?” I replied.

No response.

I can’t say I blame the guy.  I did say I thought he was a heavy drinker. And that he had post nasal drip. And if he read more of my blog he’d find out I love naked spas, lingerie photos shoots, and sexy movies.

Do I resemble Jake’s remark “stay classy”? Well of course.  And I appreciate the well wishes.

But honestly, I hope with class comes humility, and the ability to laugh at myself, and occasionally even a little mischief.