Dry Burn

The first thing you need to know about Burning Man 2019 is that I GOT MY PERIOD the day I was leaving for the playa.

And all my toiletry supplies were packed into the back of a locked trailer, blocked in by bikes, air mattresses, and supplies.

Fortunately, Stargazer came to my rescue.

He took me out to run a few last-minute errands and picking up tampons was one of those errands.

My mortification was only surpassed by my gratefulness to him for helping me out in a pinch.

So, in case you’re wondering if I went hog wild on the playa and found myself lovers to play with, the answer is no.

I was kinda thinking about the stargazer that I left behind.

AND my body was having NONE OF IT!

No play for Burning Man 2019.

So sorry if you were looking forward to tales of cocks – be they hard or half-hard.

I took off for the playa with 12 condoms and I returned with 12 condoms.

Cry your tears now because I’m actually quite happy with how my burn turned out, even without lovers.

Not that I didn’t have the opportunity.

I just found myself more interested in seeing art and enjoying my little camp community than going out and getting my freak on with other people.

I know it’s too new for me to be able to say one way or another whether Stargazer and I will continue to date.

But I prefer to err on the side of caution.

So it was a dry burn for me, in more than one way.

Doing what I love

I refuse to bitch about not getting any because. . .

. . . I’m so frigging busy, there’s no time to think about sex let alone participate.

I spent 10 days at work hosting 10 events, all related to cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is not my most favorite topic.

Give me $100 and a computer and ask me to build a dragon costume and I’M ALL OVER IT!

I could occupy myself for HOURS!

So you can imagine, I was relieved when the events were successfully laid to rest.

I expected things to lighten up, but they didn’t.

I’m creating an entire website for work.

And I’m volunteering for a Regional Burn.

And I’m leading a camp at unSCruz.

And I’m on a board for a local burner group.

And I’m organizing the Bare Burn.

As well as a Costume Workshop and Clothing Exchange, and a Meet & Greet.

Where has all my free time gone?

Between the events, the meetings, and the volunteer work, I’m maxed out (almost)!

Of course, I’m forgetting one very important past time I need to keep up with:


Don’t feel bad for me though.

Because I’m doing things that I LOVE!

And there’s nothing better than spending time on things I enjoy.

Even if it doesn’t include S E X.

Holiday Goodies

I’m going to a HOLIDAY PARTY!

One of many, I hope.

This one is with my old colleagues.

Ye Old Guard, as we like to call ourselves.

Kudos to my bosses for creating a community at work that endures to this day.

Anyway, every year we get together and share stories and swap ornaments/hand made gifts.

Last year, I didn’t get the “ornament memo” and I was the ONLY PERSON who showed up without any gifts for my former colleagues.

I had to scramble to get ornaments and mail them to everyone.

This year, I’ve prepared myself ahead of time:


Aren’t they AWFUL (and cute)?

And festive holiday envelopes for wrapping:

Which I will decorate with a beautiful, edible “poinsettia” flower lollipop.



All’s well that ends well

I could say I’m disappointed in myself.

Then again, I could also say that I took very good care of myself under extreme conditions.

It was very HOT at Burning Man.

The sun was so strong you could feel it beating down on you and drying you out.

I opted to hang out in the shade when it was super hot so I missed certain mid day activities:

Men in Skirts

So most of my Burning Man adventures are from night time activities – going to clubs like Spanky’s and HOTD (Hair of the Dog), biking the playa, getting lost, drinking and flirting.

I’d say I am disappointed in myself, but I didn’t wind up having to be taken care of by my camp mates, or worse yet, having to be taken to the medics at Rampart.

Anyway, for me this burn was about community, and was all that I wished for when I first went to Burning Man in 2015 and got ditched.

People to do stuff with
Hugs to share
Fun times for everyone
Rolling on the playa with a crew

In that respect, I was wildly successful, and not the least bit disappointed in my burn!


What I’ve learned about the Burning Man community

Burning manI haven’t even gone to Burning Man and yet I already have a sense of the community that it fosters.

You see, I joined a camp called Silicon Village and over the past few months, they have hosted social events, meetings, and build days.

Here are some of the things I love about the Burning Man community:

  1. Everyone is friendly.  Not just casually friendly but warm and caring friendly.
  2. No one shakes hands. Everyone hugs.  Some of us kiss 🙂
  3. There’s a real sense of community with people pulling together to assist other members.
  4. People share what they have with others.
  5. They are by a large a super creative bunch.
  6. The diversity of people is well represented, from age to ethnicity to sexual orientation.
  7. Although extreme self-reliance is a principle of Burning Man, everyone seems to support one another when the need arises.
  8. They are a super talented group of people.
  9. Their skill sets are very diverse.
  10. They share their expertise generously with others, especially newbies like me.
  11. They can handle a crisis without making it any worse than it already is.
  12. They tend to be prepared for almost anything.
  13. They have positive attitudes (see #11).
  14. They have a plethora of costumes that they wear on a regular basis.
  15. They seem to have figured out how to enjoy life more than the non-burner.
  16. They stick together like a family.
  17. Helping one another is par for the course.
  18. They’re inclusive.
  19. Doing the bare minimum isn’t on their agenda. They always go above and beyond what you’d expect them to do.
  20. They take MOOP very, very seriously.
  21. They know how to party. And not just party, but PARTY!


I am going to Burning Man all by myself.

  • I have no one to help me set up or break down damp.
  • No one to wander through BRC with.
  • No one to be my buddy at night and make sure I get home safely.

I could fall off the globe and no one would notice for a week.

As a single woman, this is a little scary for me.

I feel like the fractionless in Divergent – I don’t fit in anywhere so I’m on the fringes of the BRC community.

I have two goals between now and August 30th:

  1. Join a theme camp
  2. Buy a vehicle pass

As they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

And so I’m putting it out there in the universe, to see what comes back to me.

Because I’d really like to drive my truck and tent trailer onto the playa. And I’d really like to be part of a community at Burning Man.

Pretty please?