Ariana Grande

I’m not a HUGE Ariana Grande fan.

I thought perhaps she got her start through American Idol, but of course I was wrong.

Ariana Grande got her start through Broadway and Nickelodeon TV.

She’s created some iconic looks for herself so not surprisingly, she is a popular celebrity to dress up as for Halloween.

Here’s my take on her:

  1. Masquerade rabbit mask – $6.99
  2. Long brown wig – $25.99
  3. Vintage crystal flower necklace – $25.99
  4. Black vinyl mini dress – $28.99 – $29.99
  5. Pretend microphone – $11.90
  6. Black vinyl over-the-knee boots – $65.99 – $99.00
  7. Long black vinyl gloves – $32.99 – $33.99

Ragnar Lothbrok

Let’s be honest, the ENTIRE reason I watch Vikings is to see Travis Fimmel play Ragnar Lothbrok.

The love triangle between him, Aslaug and Lagertha is titillating to say the least.

So it comes as no surprise then that I’d want someone to play Ragnar to my Lagertha.


1.  Foam battle axe – $37.99

2.  Viking costume with shield – $79.98 including shield

3.  Men’s fur-lined cape – $30.15

4.  Brown leather wristband – $9.99

5.  Medieval ring belt – $41.00

6.  Brown medieval boots – $79.99 – $89.99

7.  Viking shield – $79.98 including costume



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Time sink

I’m looking for a gold, crop top, tie front, bell sleeve blouse.

And it must be SHINY, because I ❤ shine!

So far THIS is the perfect top to wear with my burgundy bell bottom pants:

The only problem is, it’s $995 which is steeper than my budget will allow.

Also, it needs to fit me appropriately and this blouse isn’t offered in my size.

So it’s a no-go.

But I’ve found a few that fit the bill.

This one is silver, but also what I’m looking for:

This one is gold, but it has sequins which become MOOP on the playa, if not properly attached.

So I can’t buy this, but then I came across this one, which isn’t very pretty but looks kinda like what I want for super cheap so I bought it.

Not only is it cheap but it will allow me to wear my push up bra with it which should be very effective in putting the gals on display.


My last resort is to make a blouse and I’ve contacted a few seamstresses about making a blouse for me.

My favorite is this one:

I’d love to get it in gold in my size.

It would be PERFECT.

See, it’s not so easy putting together a costume when you’re not a standard size.

It can be very time consuming!


When given the opportunity to get dolled up and go out during covid, I ALWAYS go all out.

I miss my friends and my community.

So an outdoor socially distanced party in the Bay Area with a bunch of burner friends is right up my alley.

Make it a costume party and I’m even happier.

That’s exactly what I did this past weekend.

I got dressed up as Miss Piggy from The Muppet Show and I went to a party.

I spent quite some time trying to get my cut crease sparkling silver eye shadow just right and you know what that means. . .


Because Miss Piggy is ALL ABOUT long eyelashes and demure glances from beneath lowered lashes.

Little did I know that adding fake eyelashes to your eyes is not an easy accomplishment.

I tried over and over again to attach them.

First I tried lash glue.

Then I tried liner lash glue.

I finally got them to work when I found a special tool designed for applying falsies.

Pics, or it didn’t happen?

Okay, here you go:

Needless to say, a great time was had by all and our hostess threw an amazing party and dinner for us.

Pretty Woman

I’m working on another costume.

This time I was inspired by the movie Pretty Woman.

No, I’m not working on re-creating the Vivian Ward O-ring party girl dress:

I’m working on the brown polka dot dress and hat outfit she wore to the polo matches:

I’ve got the dress all picked out and I’m buying two so that I can cut one dress and make a bow for the matching hat:

Here’s the hat:

And here’s the gloves:

It’s a fairly simple outfit, doesn’t require too many items to be purchased.

I have the brown belt and white shoes already.

Now all I need is for someone to throw a 1990s themed party so that I have somewhere to wear it to. . .

“I’m not perky.”

I bought a new costume!

Can you guess what it’s for?

I’ll show you the dress and maybe you can guess:

Prim and proper black A-line dress, white collar. . .

What could it be for?

It’s for Wednesday Addams from the Addams family!

Did you guess right?

I love Wednesday Addams.

I can totally relate to being a young girl and not fitting in with the in-crowd.

To being different and being made fun of.

And to a little bit wanting to make a face at the bitches who made my life difficult just for their own pleasure.

So here are a few Wednesday Addams quote, to darken your day or lighten it up depending on your attitude:

“Are they made from real Girl Scouts?”

“You severely underestimate my apathy.”

“I’m not perky.”

I’ll clean my room in exchange for your immortal soul.”

“This is my costume. I’m a homicidal maniac. They look just like everyone else.”

Shelter in Place

Per government order, I am sheltering in place at home with my family.

It’s quite a thing we’re going through now and I confess I am having a hard time writing with all the worry that’s shooting around in my brain.

I’m sure the same worries are floating around in your head as well so I won’t beleaguer the topic.

The bad news is that I’m stuck in a house.

The good news is that so far we are all healthy.

I scoped out Amazon for wigs yesterday, wanting to find a wig for my Latex Velma costume.

At first I thought MAYBE I could get away with something edgy – like an orange wig with brown roots:

Then I decided against it because Velma is nothing if not a slave to her geeky fashion and ombre hair is just a little too hip for that hipster.

I was going to get this:

But then I remembered that the costume I bought for Velma automatically came with a brown bob wig and glasses, so BONUS!

I just saved some money.

Weird Science

I came up with a new idea for Multiverse:  Burning Man 2020.

Lisa from Weird Science.

She was conjured out of the ether of men’s fantasies by two nerds, what is more Multiverse than that?

It’s been amusing putting together this costume.

To begin with, she’s not wearing a bodysuit, she’s wearing some kind of scoop neck royal blue suspender swimsuit singlet.

Sort of.

Try googling that in a plus size and see what you get. . .

It’s a hodge-podge of baby onesies, swimsuits, and some REALLY OUTSTANDING harnesses for men.

I kid you not.

Just when I thought I’d found the right scoop neck royal blue suspender swimsuit singlet, I looked at the back view and noticed it was a thong.

Uh, no.

Not even with heather gray stockings on.

So I finally found this suspender swimsuit and the designer is willing to make it in royal blue for me:

I could buy a Shermer Phys. Ed. t-shirt already created for $50 but why spend $50 on a tube top when I can custom make my own for $25?

So there you have it, my Lisa from Weird Science outfit.

Just add heather gray tights, men’s striped athletic socks and white sneakers and call it a day:


I’ve been wanting to do a Scooby Doo costume for FOREVER.

Not a Daphne costume, but a VELMA costume.

Velma’s hot in a sort of brainy-meets-skater-chick kinda way.

I’ve loved her forever.

My Velma costume is atypical, however.

You see, I don’t just want to be Velma in an orange sweater and skirt.

Oh no!

I want to be LATEX VELMA.

That’s right!

I want to get all decked out in an orange latex shirt and shirt and channel my inner nerd.

I found Kitalyst on etsy and I’m posting this here because they have an AMAZING LATEX VELMA costume for $160 and in non-standard sizes.

Color me happy!

And since I now have a local friend I can impress with my costumes (hello ROLEPLAY) I’m hoping he harbors an inner Velma fetish and will enjoy the costume as much as I do.