Crafting is fun!

Not so long ago I was trying my hand at every activity I could think to try in the Bay Area.

Kayak with whales?

Did it and didn’t puke in high seas.

Race stock cars?

Did it and got the picture to prove it.

Pole dancing?

Tried my hand at it but discovered I was a better lap dancer.

Though I enjoyed most all of the activities – except for cave crawling – two activities stand out amongst the others:

Glass blowing and ceramics.

First I tried glass blowing.

I loved it so much I went back a second time and did the exact same thing I’d done before.

I made a beautiful bowl.

I have two GORGEOUS glass bowls for fruit or candy that I gifted to my mother.

I’m still floored that I was able to make them (the second time I was with my friend Kimberly and she made a bowl too)!

My ceramics class was also wonderful.

I made a dish and a bowl, which I glazed and fired and took home to my mother, not because they were something only a mother could love, buy because I wanted to share the beauty of them with her.

The only downside to my ceramics class was that it took place in a shady neighborhood in the Emeryville.

I’ve decided that for 2020, provided I survive this pandemic, I’m going to take up ceramics and actually pay to join the local ceramic shop – Higher Fire.

And I’m going to go back to the glass studio and make more glass objects to gift to my friends and family.

Nothing says I love you like a handmade gift, yes?

My grade school art teacher would be very proud, I think to know that I can’t throw clay without remembering the big nose mug I made in his art class in junior high.

I still have that mug (I use it as a pencil holder in the kitchen), it was made so well.

I think this is more of my homesteading urge coming to light, but I’m just going to go with it.

Crafting is fun!


The lady who started Petroglyph, the in studio pottery painting experience, has started a new crafty business called Glow Candle Lounge.

I stumbled across it whole walking the streets of Willow Glen with my friend Michelle.

Yes, we have the same name.  LOL

So apparently, for a small studio fee ($9.75 for adults) you can make as many candles as you want.  Each candle has a fee as well (ranging from $7 – $44).

I’m dying to try this place out.  I want to make the $44 candle and see what’s so special about it.

Maybe it’s the size of a Buick.

Maybe it’s shaped like the leaning Tower of Pisa.

But whatever its shape or its size, I’m simply intrigued at the idea of making my own candle… picking a shape, filling the mould, selecting a fragrance, hiding treasures inside…

I’ll wager it’s possible to make a candle so beautiful you don’t want to melt it.

So… the question is who wants to make candles with me?

This is a date night activity.

I just may have to go out and find myself a date.


I am working on a new quilt.

It’s been a while since I broke out my rotary cutter, cutting board and sewing machine and made something beautiful.

This quilt is called “Bed of Roses.”

It’s absolutely gorgeous, and relatively simple to make.

As is usually the case, the free pattern I have makes a lap quilt and I want to make a QUEEN size quilt.

Usually, I don’t follow patterns.

I make up my own.

Like this wonderful airplane quilt I made for my nephew.

I actually sold the design to a quilt shop in exchange for free long arm quilting.

Although I can do the calculations to size the quilt up, I broke down and actually bought the full size pattern so that I could save myself the trouble of ALL THOSE CALCULATIONS.

Now, the fun part begins – FABRIC SELECTION!

I need 30 fat quarters to create the quilt and it’s gonna be a lot of fun picking out the colors I want.

The trick to making I good quilt, in my opinion, is finding a good cornerstone fabric to work with.

The colors and patterns in that fabric lay the foundation for the rest of the quilt.

I’ve selected these fabrics:

Lots of colors to work with.

Lots of patterns to work with.

And, of course, a simply gorgeous design.

Wish me luck!

She’s crafty!

I know this is very exciting for all of you.

I can scarce contain myself as well.

You see, this weekend I took a class on how to crochet.

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that it’s not like me at all to do something quite so domestic.

Well, I’ll have you know I have quite the domestic side to me – I like to cook (when I have time), and quilt (when I have money), and knit (when I have a boyfriend).

I guess a little explaining is in order… the only thing I know how to knit is the Boyfriend Hat by Stephanie Likes to Knit. Therefore I knit when I have a boyfriend to make a hat for. So far, I’ve only made two.

‘Nuff said.

Here is the lovely yarn shop in Santa Cruz where I learned to crochet.

Here is the lovely shop pooch who kept me company while I struggled with my piece.

And here is my GODAWFUL piece, dropped stitches and all.

Try not to get too excited.

It’s not like I’m planning on quitting my day job just yet and becoming a professional crochet artist.

Though I can imagine that given a little practice I could make a pretty cool kerchief top for Burning Man.

I know! I just can’t get through a post without mentioning Burning Man.

Can you believe me?!

Don’t worry, a post on my tour of the San Francisco Armory is coming up soon.

Valentine’s Rocks

Yesterday evening, I went shopping for beauty products at the drugstore. It’s a little ritual I go through every few months. I can’t tell you how much I love to walk up and down the aisles, searching through new eyeshadow palettes, new lipsticks in cool space age containers, and sniff the new lotions and bubble bath.

I stumbled across a bottle of nail polish with cute little foil hearts in it. I picked it up. Oh God! This can only mean one thing… Valentine’s Day is coming.

Valentine’s Day is always a little frightening to the single girl. I’ve learned to deal with it by going to the grocery store, picking up the fixings for a incredible feast, and cooking a really good meal for my family. I also like to do nice things for my family and friends – flowers for Kate and David, a gift certificate for my mom, flamenco music CD for dad, cookies for the neighbors…

And this year I have to remember to do something for my sister. She’s all alone in Reno and could use a little pick me up on Valentine’s Day.

I found this adorable Valentine online at Etsy. I was so inspired by it, I went online to A Child’s and bought three shades of gray felt so I could make my own and hand them out like little nuggets to my family and friends.