unSCruz 2018: Playground for adults

The thing about unSCruz is that it’s EXACTLY LIKE A PLAYGROUND FOR ADULTS.

All the things you wish existed out there in the world for you to enjoy exist within unSCruz.



Would you like to join in a cuddle puddle on a flying ship?


Take nude photos with a professional photographer?

You can have it.

Learn about kinks you never knew you had?

Wish granted!

Something that TOTALLY BLEW ME AWAY this year was the Rainbow Trike Track.

Basically someone built a mini tricycle track inside one of the warehouses at unSCruz and you could hop on one of the rainbow trikes (think Big Wheels for adults) and get squirrely on the track!

I know!

So much fun!

Open bars?

Yes please (though no outside alcohol is allowed in unSCruz)!

In my heart of hearts, my home away from home will always be Ali Bar Bar.

And they had a magnificent new marquee!

And of course, the best and sexiest bartenders!

unSCruz even had a BURN!

And it was a great burn because the man lit up beautifully but didn’t fall down for quite some time.

More blaze for everyone to enjoy!

All in all, quite the magnificent trip and so worth all the effort that went into planning and executing.

Cuddle Puddle

The cuddle puddle I intended to participate in at Burning Man did not materialize for me.

On the one hand, I was disappointed that I didn’t get to do it.

On the other hand, I was a little relieved seeing as how I might have been in over my head.

I did however, get into a cuddle puddle of my own making.

We were coming back from watching a burn on the playa and I was snuggling with Dante up on the back of the art car we were on.

He suggested we go below to the bed of the truck to lie down and snuggle.

Great idea!

So we climbed down to the lower level and discovered another camp mate was already there.

Dante lay down and made room for me.

“I want to be monkey in the middle,” I said and I POUNCED into the bed of the truck between the two men.

What followed was a warm and dreamy half-sleep filled with hot bodies, faux fur jackets, and tangled legs.

So nice!

I really enjoyed myself.

No, it wasn’t the naked cuddle puddle of my dreams but it was warm and sweet and so much fun, especially in a semi conscious state after having watched a burn on the playa.

It was really quite lovely!

Cuddle Puddle

I signed myself up to join a cuddle puddle then chickened out.

Basically, I didn’t want to snuggle with strangers.

I was afraid of bad breath, long toenails, and thrusting pelvises.

I have no idea if any of that would have materialized but for the first time in my life, I withdrew myself from an adventure and let it pass me by.

It’s not that I’m against cuddle puddles.

Actually, I LIKE the idea of them when I imagine I’m with a close group of friends who I know and find appealing.

I have a fantasy cuddle puddle – a group of men and women who I’d like to snuggle with.

In my mind, they’ve taken E and I’m just floating around in a sea of warm bodies, enjoying the sensations in my own body.

The thing about this fantasy is. . .

. . .it just MAY come true.

You never know what’s going to happen on the playa.

I could wind up snuggling with some truly delicious people.

Unfortunately, The Swede won’t be there.

He, of all people, should be in my cuddle puddle on account of my body is magnetized to his.

But I know of some other people who I think would make stellar snuggle buddies.

And (fingers crossed) I hope I get my wish.

Cuddle Puddle

cuddleI’m going to a Cuddle Party on January 30th… right around the corner.

I must admit, I’m feeling a little resentful about having to go and be touched by strangers.

This is probably the WRONG ATTITUDE to have going into it.

I’m not sure what’s going on with me, I just don’t feel like snuggling with strangers.

I wouldn’t mind snuggling with some of my burner friends, but this experience is going to be a challenge for me.

I keep picturing an old, hairy guy who reeks of tobacco running his hands over me.


Or getting stuck face to face with someone with rancid breath.


Will someone touch me with their gnarly toes?


In reality, probably none of these things will happen but I’m making myself face them as a test to see if I can handle the worst. Because if I can handle the worst then everything will be up from there.

Truth be told, I’ll probably like it. I’m a cuddly little thing and I haven’t been getting enough cuddles in.

Other than the horizontal kind that require prophylactics.

Cuddle Puddle

cuddleI’m pretty sure my first experience in a cuddle puddle was at a HAI Level 1 retreat at Harbin Hot Springs.

There was a break in the activity and some of us opted to lay down on a pile of pillows.

Snuggling and cuddling just happened.

Try to imagine prickly, stuffy old me being invited into a cuddle puddle with a bunch of relaxed, down-to-earth people.

But I’ll try anything and so I did.

I laid down with virtual strangers and gave myself over to the experience.

And it was amazing.

Now I know it’s hard to picture me enjoying snuggling.

Everyone knows I’m an action girl and I scoff at snuggling (at least until after the main event).

But this appealed to me.

The smiling. The hand holding. The gentle touches. The bodies cuddled up to mine.

I was relaxed and enjoying myself.

Fast forward eight years and I’m at SoulFire in a cuddle puddle with two women and a man.

Same result.

Relaxing, snuggling, cuddling, soft sensation.

It was all too brief but satisfying.

So here I am looking at my inbox today and there’s a new invitation to a Santa Clara cuddle puddle.

Do I want to go?

Hell yes.

Then what’s stopping me?

Probably the fear that it won’t be my scene. That I won’t feel a connection to any of the people there.

Maybe I’m a little bit afraid of the person I might become if I finally let my hunger for intimacy out into the open without the post-coital justification there to mitigate it.

Maybe I’ll have to admit there’s more to intimacy than just sex.

And that I am woefully BAD AT IT.