Fluffles and Dazzles

I didn’t do much for the Pagan Bunny Burn.

I cooked meals.

I shuffled down the road at a VERY SLOW PACE while Tejas scootered next to me on his electric trike.

The one thing I did that was TONS OF FUN was the “pub crawl” known as the Zebra Stampede.

Basically, you get decked out in your best zebra suit, onesie, or cowboy hat and you pub crawl from one bar to another, drinking with friends.

Seeing as how it takes place from 3 – 5 pm, it’s nothing but DAY DRINKING.

Which is fun!

So I wandered aimlessly with the other zebras, drinking whatever was poured for me, and socializing with my friends.

I heard it told that a group of zebras is known as a DAZZLE of zebras, which I find incredibly entertaining.

And of course, a group of bunnies is known as a FLUFFLE.

And there were both at the bunny burn – fluffles and dazzles.