I used to have a life coach.

He was good for some things but he was also very CHRISTIAN and would talk about Jesus a lot.

I wanted coaching grounded in reality, not religion so I wound up ending my coaching sessions.

One thing my coach said is that we attract the energy that we put out there.

In a way, I believe this to be true.

So I’m just wondering, what is the energy I’m putting out when I get this message from a new “friend” on Facebook (someone I’ve never met but approved because we have a mutual friend)?


How tacky is he for opening up a conversation with a brand new acquaintance with “when did u last sleep with someone?”

I immediately blocked him on Facebook and felt rather satisfied with my swift and strong response to his disgusting behavior.

But I did pause for a second and wonder – just what is wrong with my own energy that I seem to INVITE these kinds of conversations?

Am I doing something wrong?

I’m trying to walk the straight and narrow and behave myself and yet I keep getting sucked back into fringe conversations and activities.

How do I get back on track and attract the right kind of people into my life?

I’m trying to BEHAVE!

Juice cleanse SUX

So I started my juice cleanse today and already I can tell that juice cleanse and I are not going to get along well.

It’s not that I will miss chewing my food.

And it’s not that I have an objection to drinking all my meals (hello vodka cranberry).

It’s because the stuff I’m supposed to drink tastes like a field of weeds blended up and thrown into a bottle.

Y U C K Y !

I’m struggling already and I’ve only been doing it 15 minutes.  I get that it’s organic.  I get that it’s healthy for me.  But does heathy and organic have to taste so bad?

The instructions it comes with pretty much have me drinking round the clock.  Which I don’t mind if it’s a cocktail but I do mind when it’s green sludge.

So really, I should be taking bets on how long I’ll last on this cleanse before I break down and eat the Oreo cake that’s in my fridge.

Yes, it’s healthy.  Yes, it’s good for me.  Yes, it’s organic and raw.

But does it have to trigger my gag reflex every time I take a sip?