I bought Buck (rhymes with F_CK and S_CK) as my ex-husband and I were finalizing our divorce.

I wanted to drive something sexier than a minivan and more useful than a sedan.

And so I stumbled across Buck in a parking lot at Manteca Dodge with my new boyfriend Steve.

Steve was 6 feel tall and had a 56 inch chest.  A truck seemed like the perfect automobile to fit my new boyfriend in – big, strong, and manly.  With a big set of balls.

Well, the relationship with Steve didn’t last.  Or the ones with Jay, Dave, Luke, or Mike.  But that truck has been a constant for me.

Still sexy.  Still strong.

Just like me.

Quite frequently, I get asked how I wound up driving a big truck with a HEMI in it, and I tell them the story of Steve and Manteca Dodge.

“Jimmy was a Racecar Driver” by Primus started playing over the radio the second I turned on the engine and I peeled out of the parking lot, thrilled to pieces.

I’d fallen in love.

And have you seen Buck’s front end?


Just like me.

The BIG News

imageThe BIG news is that Jeep, my hottie patottie, is former Navy Special Ops.  Yes, you can color me impressed.  You can also color him impressed since I have:

Jumped out of an airplane at 10,000 feet, and

Become a certified rescue diver.

Can you imagine combining my love of a man in uniform, with someone with broad shoulders, a handsome face, and an adventure junkie?!

He also is a master mechanic who works on Dodge trucks, including my Dodge Ram Hemi Sport.  So not only am I impressed with his ability to fix my truck, he’s also impressed by my choice in automobiles.

Jesus, I’m practically climaxing just thinking about him.  This is the best foreplay EVER!!!