One man’s high. . .

In my life, I have handled all sorts of drunks.

The angry kind.

The physical kind.

The belligerent kind.

The happy kind.

The horny kind.

And everything in between.

If I had my pick, I’d choose to be around happy drunks.

Which is a reason why partying with Tejas is so damn fun.

He hits his limit and I’m left with what I would call one very happy drunk person.

He’s perfectly willing to follow my instructions to get dressed for bed, get into bed, and go to sleep.

Except this one time.

The best we can tell, Tejas got dosed by somebody with a drug neither of us was familiar with.

Instead of being his happy go lucky self, he started talking gibberish.

Religious nonsense.

And when I tried to get him to go to bed, he just sat in his chair and told me he would be going to bed in my bed.

I became very uncomfortable.

I walked up to the first couple I saw and told them I was scared.

The man went up to Tejas, suggested he go to bed, and then told me he thought he was okay and only needed to rest.

Later, Rangers came by and I even told them I was uncomfortable.

They assessed the situation, figured out that Tejas just needed to sleep off whatever was in his system as well, and they helped me get him to bed and followed up the next morning with a visit to our camp.

The next morning when we talked, Tejas recalled all the random drinks, jello shots, and cookies that he ate the previous night.

There’s no way to tell what really happened.

But this much is true – I was genuinely worried for him and I’ve certainly learned a valuable lesson.

One man’s high is another man’s nightmare!


There are many drugs (pretty much all of them) that I’ve never tried.

I got the “Don’t Do Drugs” message early on in life.

I watched my sister’s friend Stefan suck up nitrous oxide from WhipIts into his lungs and his lips turned a greyish black, his eyes rolled back in his head and he laid back on the couch with his paunchy belly peeking out from under his dirty t-shirt. He made the entire process look so unappealing my response was “No fucking way” when they were offered to me.

Plus, and this is a BIG plus, I was always very satisfied with using alcohol to occasionally alter my reality.

Now that I’ve gone to Burning Man, I’ve been exposed to more people taking more drugs.

And I must say, occasionally I see the appeal.

Among the many drugs I’ve never taken is ecstasy.

It strikes me that a drug which makes you feel connected to other people and heightens your sensations sounds like an ok drug to me.

Of course, given that my brain is already suffering from an imbalance, I doubt I will ever actually try ecstasy.

But I’ll tell you this:

I sure as hell wouldn’t mind being in the bottom of a puppy pile of people on E.

Sounds pretty fucking fabulous to me.