Black Burner Bunny

I like the idea of wearing bathing suits, onesies, and jumpsuits at Burning Man.

Spandex packs down so compact!

I got inspired when I spotted THIS picture on Instagram:

Sort of a den of little black bunnies, only not EXACTLY playa ready.

Remove the OTK black boots, add some shit stompers covered in playa dust and a pair of black fishnet tights.

Ditch the pleather mini dresses and add one plunging black bathing suit and you’ve got something more like what I’d imagine a black bunny would look like on the playa.

Then I came across THIS photo and I thought, “YAS! This is exactly what I need to add to the outfit. My harness!”

I brought it with me to Burning Man last year but never wore it.

And maybe, just maybe, I will wear my freaky spiked black leather collar.

I love it but when I wear it I can’t hug people because it pokes them.

Sad face!

My baby got his ears pierced

My “baby” (who is all of 13 years old) got his ears pierced this weekend.  He wanted to get his eyebrow and his lip pierced but his father and I both objected.  Eventually, we settled on the ears.

So on a warm winter’s day in December 2014, I took him down to the fantasy makeover party store known as Razzberry Lips and there amid all the little girls getting makeovers and all the Disney princesses in costume, my son got his ears pierced by two very attractive young women.

I’d like to say he was in heaven but the truth is he could’ve cared less.  Now, if it was Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer, that would have been a different story.

He did later on giggle a little bit when he told me that one of the girls was blowing in his ear and it took all the strength he had not to smile when she did it.

P.S.  I *may* have tried on a tiara or two.