Valentines Day cocktails (that won’t gross you out)

A long time ago in practically another lifetime, I dated a mixologist.

He was basically THE BOMB when it came to making cocktails.

And the nice thing about relationships, even when they end, is that you learn something new from each and every person you date.

Luke taught me about guns, knifes, and TYPE 1 DIABETES.

Steve taught me how to make REALLY GOOD BISCUITS from scratch.

Dave taught me something VERY NAUGHTY.

And Charlie taught me how to CLEAN AN ABALONE in under 30 seconds.

Well, I learned a little about cocktails from my ex boyfriend the mixologist.

Which is why, when Valentine’s Day rolls around, I roll my eyes when I see all the super sweet, saccharine flavored, dripping with artificial flavor cocktails that pop up online.

Ew, gross.

screen-shot-2017-01-13-at-12-15-12-pmI’d rather lick the bottom of a shoe in a BART Station bathroom than drink something pink and fruity.

So here are three cocktails that I tested and tried out which I think make FABULOUS Valentine’s Day cocktails.

The Bourbon Cherry Smash: It definitely doesn’t suck and make a nice grown up cocktail. Note: I use only ½ ounce of lemon simple syrup. I like it tart.  You can always make it sweeter but you can’t take it away once it’s there so proceed with caution.

vd1The Bourbon Black Forest Cocktail: Chocolate is tricky in cocktails. This one adds a hint of chocolate that blends nicely with the bourbon and cherry flavors. And I love the little float of cream on the top, but it’s tricky to master the technique. Practice with multiple cocktails.

vd2Rosemary 75 Cocktail: A twist on the good old French 75 – add a little pea flower extract (found on to give the cocktail a hint of blue/purple color (without using blue curacao which can be cloyingly sweet). And the addition of the rosemary simple syrup only improves the herbal flavor of the French 75.