I could live like that

If you must know, I’m thriving with these work at home conditions.

I see my kids and interact with them SO MUCH MORE THAN I USED TO.

That alone makes me happy.

But also, I’m not struggling with staying at home because I have a lot of people in the house to occupy myself with.

I’m not nearly alone, like some people are.

And I’m scared of contracting COVID-19 so that makes staying at home A LOT EASIER.

Years ago, I would have sworn that I was an extrovert and that sheltering in place would have been hard on me.

But given the ease with which I’ve taken to it (perhaps in part by gaining 10 hours a week not commuting), I’m wondering if my older self is not just a tad more introverted than my 20 year old self.

Maybe it’s just middle age setting in.

Oh, don’t get me wrong.

I miss my friends and CAN’T WAIT to see them.

But driving my big truck, paying for gas, fighting for a (big enough) parking spot – I could easily give it all up.

It makes me think of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where people get around by bike.

I could live like that.


Would you like to spend the night?

“Would you like to spend the night?”

That’s how he asked me if I’d like to sleep with him.

No “I’d like you to spend the night,” no “Could you spend the night with me.”  Just a simple “Would you like to spend the night?” putting the decision all on me. Though I did wish he mustered some more enthusiasm for the idea.

Would I like to spend the night?

I’d just spend the better part of 4 hours struggling to make conversation with him.

“What’s on your bucket list?”

“How do you go crabbing?”

“If you could go one place in the world, where would it be and why?”

Each time I got one sentence answers.

Now I get that I’m an extrovert and he’s an introvert, but does that mean conversation has to be so stunted?

Where’s the connection?  Where’s the spark of shared interests?  Or chemistry?

Instead of it being a great date, I was looking forward to going home.  Alone.

“Would you like to spend the night?” he asked.

“No thank you.  I think I’ll head home,” I replied.