New Glasses

I’m getting new glasses.

I had my peepers examined and the ophthalmologist who examined me said that my eyesight is deteriorating slowly.

My prescription from last year to this year hasn’t changed much.

But there’s one NOTABLE change.

I’m getting progressives.


Yes, indeed.

After 45+ years of life, my eyes finally need a little help reading things near AND far.

Hence, I will be getting glasses which I am supposed to wear on a regular basis.


The thing you need to know about me is that I CONSTANTLY am buying sunglasses because I lose them ALL THE TIME.

Glasses too.

I’ll wear them for a week, put them somewhere, forget about them, then forget to wear them for the next 350 days of the year until I get my next exam and glasses.

It’s just how I roll.

I’m really worried about remembering to wear my glasses and KEEP TRACK OF THEM.

But I’m also TOTALLY EXCITED to be able to see things again.

Lately, I can’t even read the menus on the wall above the cashier in a casual restaurant.

I have to squint and even then, I can barely read the menu.

Overall, I’m resigned to my bifocals.

My sister got them at 35 so my eyes are in better shape than hers.

But I’m somewhat sad that this is happening, and combined with all the gray hairs popping up on my head, one thing is certain.

I’m aging.

I remind myself to not complain about this too much, however.

Growing old is a luxury denied to many.