Just in time for Mother’s Day

I made another quilt.

It’s not finished yet, but the top has been pieced together.

It’s a quilt I made using ten inch white fabric squares and fabric markers.

I supplied my nephews with the squares and markers and they designed 12 unique designs to incorporate into the quilt.  Here are two:

I sewed a simple window pane pattern around the squares and I must say, I think the quilt turned out lovely.

It was really simple to do and I followed only the pattern in my head to make it.

Took just a few hours for me to pull together.

Here are the supplies I used:

Ten inch cotton squares (also known as a layer cake):

If you’d like, you can also use five inch cotton squares (also known as a charm pack):

Fabric markers – get the ones with fine point and chisel point tips for drawing lines and filling in space:

Add a little love and magic and voila!

You have yourself a charming quilt.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, I might add.


For Christmas, I gave my nephews white 10″ fabric squares and fabric pens:

The idea was for them to spend a little less time gaming and a little more time crafting.

It’s good for you.

Anyway, they’ve made some lovely designs:

Well, they’ve finally almost finished all their squares (12 total) and so I bought this purple fabric to frame them:

And this accent fabric for the border:

Because the whole quilt will be crafted with LOVE and what better to symbolize that love than colorful hearts?!

What you may not realize is that my brother married my best friend who I’ve known since 5th grade so some of my love is getting stitched into this quilt for her.

In case you missed it, she ALREADY has one quilt I made and she (if not my brother) LOVES it:

I suppose it’s not all bad to have an extra 10 hours a week to spend quilting instead of commuting. . .