Mask Up!

I’m TERRIBLE at remembering my mask.

I literally leave the house and forget mine ALL THE TIME.

So I’ve started to keep a stash in my car, for when just in case becomes absolutely necessary.

Like that time I suddenly wanted to buy cake for the family at Nothing Bundt Cakes but didn’t have a mask so I couldn’t stop for the treat.

Such a shame!

What started all this was that I decided I needed to get a mask for my youngest kid and I picked out a custom bird-themed mask from – an Australian company which gives over 700,000 artists and designers a meaningful new way to sell their creations.

Then, because I have TWO kids, I decided to get a flag-themed mask for my eldest child who is a proud American.

And then I picked up two more, simply because momma needs masks too. . .

Somehow, between my blinged-out and sequined masks and these masks, I should do better.

Mask up, folks!

Help prevent the spread of covid AND spoil your kids at the same time.

Practice makes perfect

Somebody’s birthday is creeping up.

She’ll be seventeen.

Oh boy, do you REMEMBER 17?

It was GRAND!

Lucky girl, to be so young with her life ahead of her.

I got to pick out her present today and I’ve got to admit, I went FULL GIRL!

Lipstick/lip gloss set, eye shadow palette, face masks, mini spa kit, Hello Kitty nail kit, and lip smackers (because no self-respecting teenage girl shouldn’t have these flavored chapsticks in their makeup kit).

I also got (unsurprisingly) a pineapple makeup bag to put everything in.

God, I hope it all fits!

My final touch was to get a cute little pusheen keychain – a kitty riding a seahorse.

Literally, the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

So here’s hoping she likes her gifts, despite the fact that I suspect she has a tomboy streak in her.

To be honest, it’s not all that easy shopping for a young lady you don’t know very well.

Especially when all you have are boys.

But that’s about to change too, if you know what I mean.

The only time I get to shop for girls is when it’s Christmas time and I get to buy presents for my Aunt Stacey, my cousin Jennifer and my niece Bella.

Practice makes perfect.