Burning Man Outfit #1

I put together an outfit cybernetically and I’d like you to tell me what you think of it:

Dress (in t-shirt material, nice and light)

Or this skirt, with a matching top…

Headdress, love all the dread lock-like strings hanging off of it!

Ear cuffs, because you know, MAYBE my ears will show and I’ll need elf-like ears.

And finally, the wings.  Because I want wings.  Aren’t they lovely?

Oh wait, gotta have some fringed boots!

Or maybe these platform boots.  They look HOT though.

Cost per item is:

  • Dress – $99
  • Skirt – $175
  • Headdress – $175
  • Ear Cuffs – $56
  • Wings – $40
  • Boots – $94
  • Platform boots – $85

So what do you think?  Pure shit?  Too hot?  Not exotic enough?  Too much money?  Not enough sin, I mean skin?  Let me know in the comments below.

Burning Man = $$$

So I’m totally obsessed with Burning Man right now and I can already tell I’m going to spend a FORTUNE on custom costumes.

Because you’re supposed to portray an aspect of yourself through your fashion on the playa.

I bought a black PVC bustier. Very hot. I could release my inner dominatrix in that outfit.

I debated buying a matching “spanking mini skirt” – basically it has the whole rear end cut out for easy access when spanking.

I wound up not buying the skirt because I looked at my naked rear end in the mirror and decided I was more comfortable keeping it under wraps. Also, I’m not big on getting spanked so why invite people to do something I don’t enjoy that much?

Then I found THIS headdress on Etsy and I WANT. It made me think I could turn my dominatrix costume into a demon costume and play my wicked self on the playa.

But the cost of the headdress is as much as the cost of my Burning Man ticket. Ouch!

While I was looking at headdresses I came across a faerie headdress that spoke to me and suddenly I was on the chase for a faerie costume because HELLO… it’s every girl’s fantasy to be a faerie, right?!

Then I thought about finding a camp to join and I realized there may be a theme to that camp and I will need to get an outfit that matches the theme….

… and can you JUST SEE how I will be going ABSOLUTELY NUTS in the costume department???

I can already tell what’s going to happen here –



Why be a dominatrix when you can be a dominatrix, a demon, AND a faerie?