One of the adventures I’ve been on occasionally is flying an airplane.

Small, single engine airplanes made by Cirrus and Cessna.

Basically I decided to learn to fly because I was tired of being scared on airplanes and I felt like learning a little about flying would benefit me.

So I took a lesson in Petaluma on New Year’s Day.

I remember the date because my instructor showed up, with little (or no) sleep, and he smelled like a brewery.

Nevertheless, I got in the plane and we had a 30 minutes flight lesson right then and there.

Now, let me preface this by saying that I had absolutely NO TRAINING whatsoever before I took to the skies.

Which I suppose is okay if your instructor is going to manage most, if not all, of the flight.

I flew around a little in the sky.

Banked left and right.

All in all, it was a fun time and I really enjoyed it despite my lack of preparation.

I snapped a photo of myself, grinning from the co-pilot’s seat.

It was a nice photo so I posted it to my online dating profile.

I can’t tell you how many sport pilots I met after I posted that picture online.

Which in turn led to me flying more small airplanes.

I even flew in an experimental plane with a GPS tracking system strapped to my leg.

Now, as you may have guessed, I do not have my sport pilot’s license.

It’s far too expensive for me to get.

Maybe someday.

Meanwhile, I’ll just have to be happy occasionally hopping in an airplane with another pilot and jumping around California for a bit.

Not a bad gig.

Lessons in flying

It was an eventful lesson in flying.

My friend Greg took me to an empty lot and let me fly his model airplane.

What kind of plane, you ask?

A red and black one with wings and a propeller. See, I’m so technical.

Greg artfully hoisted in into the air and did loop-de-loops (that is the technical term for it) with it, much to my amazement.

Then he handed over the controls to me.

I promptly crashed it.

Sad face.

I got scolded for not handing over the controls to Greg when he asked for them.

Bad me!

Then Greg flew his other plane which he also artfully decorated the sky with only to crash a few minutes later while performing aerial acrobatics, much to my amazement.

I did not feel so bad after that.

Crashing must be fairly common in the world of RC planes.

Although it only lasted a few minutes, I had a ton of fun!



I used to get out and fly quite a bit a few years ago.  Here’s some photos to prove it…

flying1 flying2

My very first flight with an instructor, he gave me about 1 minute worth of lessons before we took to the air, so you could say flying was a bit like trial by fire in the beginning.  I love flying small planes because you stay close enough to the ground to see what’s on it, growing in it, and running through it.  It’s beautiful and I feel so connected with the world around me when I’m flying.

I really need to get back up.