Here are some of my favorite foreplay techniques, enacted on me by my various lovers All of them worked spectacularly.

Don’t forget that the largest erogenous zone on a woman is her brain. It’s more accessible than the g-spot and easier to find than the clitoris. Sexual pleasure for women is more than just a chemical response to physical stimulation. Appealing to her mind will excite her and enhance her pleasure.

  1. Ice, ice baby – alternate using the cold ice cube with your warm mouth. Awesome.
  2. Blindfolds – sex can become boring if there’s no psychology behind it. Blindfold her and play games.
  3. Naughty whispers – I love it when a man whispers something naughty in my ear when I’m in a crowd. Instant turn on.
  4. Sexy texting – because it leaves so much to the mind to interpret, a well time sext can really pique her interest.
  5. Sexy pictures – sexy pictures, like sexy texting, can really set the mood. Especially if it’s unanticipated.
  6. Talk to her – share what’s going on with you. Dig deep.
  7. Listen to her – ask her about herself and listen to her answers. Nothing sexier than a man who listens.
  8. Pay attention to the twins – I once had a man devote 30 whole minutes to them. It was heaven.
  9. Undress her – nothing is sexier than being undressed by your lover. I once had a man undress me and kiss my skin as he exposed it. Super sexy.
  10. Take your time – no need to rush. Enjoy the moments. Savor your bodies – the texture, the smell, the taste. Explore s l o w l y .
  11. Use both hands – really feel her body. Get to know it. Use both hands to explore her whole body. So sexy.
  12. Ask her what turns her on – see what she says. Chances are she’ll point you in at least one sexy direction.
  13. Massage her – I still get breathless thinking about the best massage I ever had. Don’t be afraid to make it X-rated.
  14. Make out on the couch, high school style – bring back the raging hormones of yesteryear with an old fashioned makeout sesh.
  15. Make out in the car, high school style – pull it into the garage if you’re self-conscious. Just try it like when we were kids.
  16. Kiss her neck – linger there. Nothing like a good kiss to the neck to make me quiver.
  17. Talk dirty to her – not porn dirty but erotica dirty. Read some good erotica for ideas.
  18. Spontaneous combustion – what happens when you touch her intimately and talk to her intimately when you’re in public and can’t do anything about it. Just let that desire begin its s l o w burn.

The BIG News

imageThe BIG news is that Jeep, my hottie patottie, is former Navy Special Ops.  Yes, you can color me impressed.  You can also color him impressed since I have:

Jumped out of an airplane at 10,000 feet, and

Become a certified rescue diver.

Can you imagine combining my love of a man in uniform, with someone with broad shoulders, a handsome face, and an adventure junkie?!

He also is a master mechanic who works on Dodge trucks, including my Dodge Ram Hemi Sport.  So not only am I impressed with his ability to fix my truck, he’s also impressed by my choice in automobiles.

Jesus, I’m practically climaxing just thinking about him.  This is the best foreplay EVER!!!