For the Fourth of July, I was invited to hang with the new guy in his neck of the woods.

He planned to take me on a tour of his house, show me the new camping trailer, entertain me with his pool table for a little while before heading out to get dinner and see fireworks.

Decent plan, eh?

Did I mention that the new guy keeps cider and water chilled in his truck just in case I get thirsty?

Yeah, he’s that fucking thoughtful.

He really pays attention to the details and it shows.

So there we are, sitting at his house watching comedy sketches in the living room when he gets a phone call from his sister.

And his son.

They’re all gathering for the Fourth of July to watch fireworks and can we join?

The new guy sort of left it up to me.

Would I like to meet his family?

The answer is of course, BUT NOT YET.

It’s an important thing, meeting the family, and I didn’t want to do it a disservice by meeting them before I know exactly where the new guy and I are headed.

Maybe it was a smart move.

Maybe it was a bad idea.

For sure it was a hard thing to do, to just get up and leave earlier than I had anticipated.

But it was the right thing to do.



For the Fourth of July weekend I went to my aunt and uncle’s cabin in the woods in Pollock Pines.

The boys got up to mega shenanigans and got busted by the ladies.

But first, the (short story) of a very relaxing weekend, bullet style:

  • sleeping in
  • TV
  • tequila
  • water guns
  • big dinners
  • Uncle Donald’s famous ribs
  • cinnamon whiskey (Fireball)
  • pomegranate margaritas
  • dirt bikes
  • dogs (a feisty chihuahua named Sophie and a big goofball black lab named Louie)
  • Scrabble (check out my tiles in the pic below, ha ha)
  • sexting
  • sting-pong (a naked butts-up version of ping pong)

Yes, I even sexted on my vacation even though cell phone coverage was sporadic.

What do you want?  I’m an addict, okay?  I can’t quit cold turkey… though I did scale back.

I spent a lot of time with my nose buried in my cell phone sexting and playing Scrabble with friends (and losing miserable, I might add).

Meanwhile, my oldest son learned to ride his new dirt bike.  And my youngest son played games and watched TV.

And all the boys took a trip to the canal to go swimming.

Fun and adventure!

The shenanigans started when the men decided to drink an entire bottle of cinnamon whiskey and go play outside.  At midnight.  On their dirt bikes.  Waking the neighbors, no doubt.

When we went home on Sunday, it was all getting sorted out.

So here are some pics from the weekend:

photo 4