Fused glass pendants

A long time ago I went with Barbara to a glass fusing shop and I made a rainbow cheese plate.

I heart that cheese plate.

An even longer time ago, I went with Tejas to Livermore to another glass shop and I made three fused glass pendants.

I happen to REALLY like glass fusion.

And glass blowing, as it turns out, but that’s another story.

For Burning Man, every year I come up with a project where I give away something I created.

My first year I gave away organic peppermint SPF 30 chapstick.

I know, I didn’t make it, but I DID design the label.

My second year I made necklaces out of washers and I gave those away.

Totally handmade by me.

Last year I gave away a stainless steel credit card bottle opener engraved with the Burning Man logo.

Those were VERY popular and I do believe I have some left.

This year, I’m going back to making necklaces and this time around it’s going to be fused glass pendants.

I wasn’t able to find a glass studio willing to charge me less than $10 a pendant so I bought glass pendants in bulk on ebay.

I happen to like them a lot and I was able to buy 50 of them for less than $2.60 each.

Which is great because I still have to add the bail and a 30 inch silver necklace to make a hanging glass pendant.

I’m really excited about it, if a little disappointed that I didn’t get to make the pendants by hand.

I think they’ll look lovely on the playa.

Don’t you?

Plays with glass

About a year ago, I took a glass blowing class which – to my surprise – actually involved blowing glass. I thought it was just an old terminology used to describe the process.

So I blew my glass and made a lovely red glass bowl for my mother for Christmas 2014.

Fast forward a year and I’ve signed myself up for a fused glass jewelry class where I get to make three glass pendants.

I think instead of sticking my glass pendant in a glory hole, I’ll get to use a blow torch.

Me, with a blow torch.

Now there’s an image.

So what am I going to make?

Probably some Burning Man pendants, if I can.

Pendants that show the sacred geometry, not The Man. There’s just something about the sacred geometry (shown here in platinum) that I LOVE.

necklaceSo wish me luck.

Hope I don’t burn myself or light anything on fire!