One of my FAVORITE things I did in Sweden was visit a cheese shop in Gamla Stan (Old Town) with The Swede.

The way to my heart is not through sweets but through CHEESE!

The Swede and I decided to have a nice cheese tray after dinner, complete with a selection of wine.

[Now, being on a diet, it makes me DROOL to think of cheese and wine!]

We stepped into a small store in Stockholm and I was overwhelmed with the smell of aging cheese.

Funky yet yummy.


We selected a cheese, sampled it and approved of it.

Then another.

And another.

All in all, we selected 5 cheeses of varying degrees of softness, ripeness, and gooeyness.

All VERY delicious.

Then we went to the SPECIAL store to buy wine.

In case you didn’t know, only one chain of stores, which I think are run by the government, can sell liquor.

So we go inside and The Swede tells me he wants SWEET white wine.


Each wine had a label that graphically represented how sweet that wine was.

And I ready the graphic BACKWARDS.

So instead of getting sweet white wine, we got regular white wine.

Ah well.

I think The Swede forgave me.

My short list of what to do in Sweden

So here I sit, planning my trip to Sweden and realizing that I have only a very short list of things I want to do there (besides hang with The Swede).

First of all, I want to see the salvaged 17th century ship housed in the Vasa museum. I assume it’s called the Vasa museum because she was (rather improperly) designed for one of the Gustav Vasas who ruled early Sweden.

The ship sank on her maiden voyage and never made it out of the docks.

Then there is the archipelago of Stockholm, made up of 24,000 islands and islets 40 miles east of Stockholm. It is known for it’s beautiful scenery, fishing, and wildlife.

Boat tours are available and I’d like to take a little 3-hour day trip around some of the closer islands.

I’m also interested in the ABBA Museum. Because ABBA.

It’s kitschy. It’s amusing. It’s funny. It’s ABBA.

I’ve got to go visit and spend a little money, money, money having fun there.

Finally, I really want to experience an authentic Swedish smörgåsbord.

Supposedly the best one out there is the smörgåsbord at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm.

I want to treat The Swede and his daughter to the buffet spread there to thank them for hosting me.

And that’s it folks.

Sure there are secondary items on my list like seeing the Royal Castle and the changing of the Guard, going fishing or on a mini safari, and shopping for trinkets in Gamla Stan (Old Town).

And then there’s the impossible – visiting ICE HOTEL SWEDEN way up in the arctic circle.

Because I am nothing if not adventurous.

We won’t get to those things but at least I have a few things on my list we can do.

Besides you-know-what. . .