Juplaya Day 1: Getting there and drinking heavily

IMG_6805The first thing you need to know about Juplaya is that just getting there is an adventure. The roads are long and windy and filled with hazards – like suicidal bunnies, cows, and big fucking RVs/trailers driving very slow.

Illiana, Tejas and I left the Bay Area at 11 am. We arrived in Gerlach at 8 pm.

I almost got carsick on the drive there.

IMG_6806We arrived just in time to get dinner at Bruno’s Country Club which closes at 8 pm.

IMG_6817My first glimpse of the playa had me giddy with happiness. I snapped a pic of me with the playa in the background.

IMG_6812After dinner we all got to drinking in Bruno’s Bar which stayed open late to accommodate the crowds.

Their gin and tonics were The Bomb. I think between Illiana and Tejas and 1 we drank about 15 G&Ts.

It’s hard to take pictures when you’re drunk.

IMG_6843I was wearing my Orgasm Donor tee shirt which generated some comments – the most obvious being men asking me for a donation. Clever, oh so clever. But it’s a good way to meet cowboys.

IMG_6847We went to the playa but it was too wet to go out. It was also thundering and lightening all around it. It was Mother Nature at her best and angriest and she was glorious.

Here I am on the playa for the first time – July 3, 2015.

IMG_6850It should be noted that playa mud is unlike any other. It’s like wet clay that sticks to you the more you walk in it. I stepped outside for just a minute and before I knew it, my shoe was coated in sticky mud.

IMG_6856Illiana took a spill on the playa in the slick clay-like mud. Tejas had a good chuckle over that one. 18 years she’s been coming to the playa and it can still bring her to her knees.

Poor Illy!

IMG_6852After our brief playa visit, we went to Joe’s Bar and had some whiskey there. That whiskey did us in.

IMG_6860Before we knew it, we were heading back to the converted military barracks that was Bruno’s Motel and we were hitting the hay.

Three guesses if we were hung over the next morning….