That 70s vibe

While browsing Pinterest for Burning Man outfit ideas, I came across the most inspirational pin:

I’m loving the whole 70s vibe coming off this photo.

Love the red flares.

Love the gold chain mail halter top.

Of course I have to do one for myself, even though pants are Burning Man (during the day) can be exceptionally hot.

Here are the velvet flares I WANTED to buy:

And here are the red velvet flares that I BOUGHT:

On to the top.

Finding a gold rhinestone chain mail top in my size is no easy task.

It involves poking around in a lot of lingerie shops for plus size gold women’s tops.

I found this one:

Which I love, but refuse to spend over $50 for anything coming to the playa with me because the alkaline dust will ruin EVERYTHING.

So in exchange, I got these::

Sadly, I do not like them as much as the chain mail top but they’ll likely be a better fit for the girls and will do a better job keeping them in line (aka under wraps) than the skimpy top.

Anyway, this should make a decent night time outfit with a little work on my hair and a pair of 70s inspired sunglasses.

Perhaps I’ll wear my “Elton John” yellow heart sunnies which I love:

I can just picture me flitting about the playa looking like a 70s wanna-be starlet with feathered bangs and rocking a pair of bell bottoms.