In praise of HANDSY men

I’m just going to come out and say it:

I like a man with grabby hands.

You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about if you have the same affinity for it as I do.

A handsy man is one who is constantly touching you.

Grabbing for you.

Getting up in your space and making you feel his presence.

I love this.

Charlie The Aussie was a handsy man.

So is The Swede.

As far as lovers go, a handsy man makes an OUTSTANDING partner.

You’re right in the middle of doing one thing when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you discover he’s also doing something else.

Like with the Swede, one hand would be up in my hair, messing it up, and pulling on it and I’d discover the other one was stroking my, ahem, chest.

It’s quite a thrill, if you catch my drift.

My friend Yvonne said that she felt starved for touch after her husband passed away.

I think he was a handsy man.

She said he was always touching her.

It occurs to me that out of the Five Love Languages, TOUCH is one of them.

Maybe this is how Yvonne’s late husband, Charlie The Aussie, and The Swede show affection.

Then again, maybe they’re just REALLY EXCELLENT LOVERS.


But where do I put my hands?, reposted

I’m suffering a little in the awkwardness department with Austin.

You see, I’m invested in his vow of celibacy.  So I want to respect his choices and boundaries, even when I’m not sure where the boundaries are.

The best way I can think of showing respect is to not be provocative in any way.

Which isn’t easy when you’re dying to get to third base, hang out there for a while, then make it all the way to home. Score!

So I squash my desire to kiss him.  My kisses are very provocative.  Definitely a no-no.  Although sometimes I can’t control myself.

And I sit on my hands instead of letting them wander to places they really want to go.

In a way, I feel like an awkward fraud, suppressing my deepest, strongest desires for Austin.

So I have a question of my blogging audience…

When Austin steps out of the shower, all dewy and clean, with a towel slung so low around his hips I can see that area where abdomen stops being abdomen and starts being something else…

Where the fuck am I supposed to put my hands?????

Why I like Austin

It’s easy to know when you like someone.

The butterflies in your stomach are a great cue.  Or when your daydreams are filled with thoughts of that person.

But if I want to quantify why I like Austin, this is what I’d say I like about him:

1.  He is really smart.  His mind is very discerning.  I tease him sometimes and say he reminds me of a lawyer, being absolutely precise about what I/he says, but the truth is he pays very close attention to what is going on.  You can believe his word and he expects to believe you at your word as well.

2.  He is an independent thinker.  You know those men (and women) who march to a different drum?  That’s Austin.  He’s not happy to just accept the status quo.  He intends to challenge and rethink everything that comes at him.  I love his free thinking ways.

3.  He makes me think.  He inspires me to think beyond the obvious to the deeper meaning in things.  It’s impossible to be around him and not be turned on intellectually.  This, I believe, is one of Austin’s greatest assets – the ability to inspire others to see the world differently.

4.  He is filled with quotes on all sorts of topics.  I love it when he quotes Khalil Gibran or Ernest Hemingway.  The best way to turn me on is to get inside my head and Austin has mastered that with all his quotes on life.

5.  He is subtle.  Instead of saying things outright, he talks in subtleties.  You have to pay attention when this man speaks to understand his meaning.  And I love how he tells a story to convey a sentiment, instead of sharing the sentiment directly.

6.  He makes me laugh.  Honestly, is there anything as wonderful or sexy as a man who can make you laugh?

7.  He’s incredibly handsome.  Not just in a “isn’t he attractive” kind of way, but in a “stop on the street and stare” kinda way.  I could get lost just looking at him.  Did I say that I don’t like handsome men?  I lied.  Austin’s face is quite captivating and I drink in the sight of him every time I see him.

d5a991930b948df60deb3e10e8b099f58.  He has great hands.  I love his hands on my body.  They literally make me senseless.  Breathing becomes challenging.  Being in his hands is a great place to be.  I have have to revise my stance on big vs small hands.  Seriously.

9.  He has a wicked streak.  In the bedroom, this is a great asset.  Outside the bedroom it’s just plain sexy.  I like a man who is more wicked than I am.  It means he knows how to handle me.  I like a man with a dark streak.

10.  Like me, he has experienced some major life traumas and has come out stronger in the broken places.  More aware of life, the people around him, and the meaning of his life experiences.  He is simply a beautiful person.  Easy to admire, easy to care for.

So there you have it.  The reasons behind why I am enjoying my friendship with Austin.  Perhaps it’s not the most romantic list every created.  Give me a break, I’ve only known him for a few months.  But in a nutshell, those are the reasons why.

Those, and the fact that he let me get to third base.  😉