Viking Braids

I’ve been all about braids lately.

I first noticed braids on the show Selling Sunset because real estate agent Heather Rae Young often wears her long blond hair in really outstanding braids.

You can hardly blame me for getting excited about the prospects of having my long hair braided.

So I jumped onto Yelp to find someplace that braids hair and would be willing to style my hair.

These are my inspo pics:


Of course, I could just buy a lace front braided wig (costing around $250) because it may be cheaper than getting my hair braided.

But since I have long blond hair which is perfect for braiding, I’m going to try that first.

The first place I contacted doesn’t do braids.

Le sigh.

The other two places cater to African American hair, but might be willing to do my Viking braids.

Speaking of hair, I get my first haircut in over a year in less than a week and I’m totally excited about it.

I’m going to ask my regular lady if she can do braids because why not?

Maybe she’s as good at braids as she is at color and cuts.