No smirks allowed

I went on a date.

He took me to The Bywater in Los Gatos for a genuine Sazerac.

One of the best in the Bay.

And apart from him spilling his entire gin gimlet on me during an animated discussion, we had a good time.

People always ask how I can meet people I don’t know off the internet.

What criteria do I look for?

That’s a complicated answer.

For this guy, I noticed one of his photos was of him at Holi – an Indian celebration of spring.

It reminded me of when I used to go to Holi with my friends:

Before, and after:

But what I really look for is a genuine, warm and caring smile.

No smirks allowed.

Not-so-mellow yellow

I went to Holi last weekend and had a blast with Barbara and Yvonne.

Afterwards, when it was time to shower, I stepped into my shower with my filthy white flip flops on (to wash them to).

I stuck my head under the bath tub spout (no low flow shower head for me) and I proceed to turn the entire bathtub PURPLE for the next 15 seconds.

A deep, vibrant PURPLE!

So it comes as  a bit of a surprise that when all is said and done, I managed to turn a patch of my hair A BRIGHT YELLOW and not purple.

See. . .

Now, if you’ve been following me long enough, you  know that I actually turned my whole head of hair yellow a few years ago.

I had to rush into the hair salon to get it fixed because I worked in an office where EASTER EGG YELLOW HAIR would be frowned upon.

This, I can live with.

To see pictures from the 2016 and 2015 Holi festivals click here and here.



Color me happy

Once again, I somehow managed to convince not one but TWO friends that it would be fun to run around on a muddy field throwing paint at each other for Stanford’s Holi celebration.

Poor Barbara and Yvonne.

Truthfully, Barbara knew EXACTLY what she was getting into because she went with me last year.

Yvonne was a total newbie and it was fun introducing her to the CHAOS THAT IS HOLI.

Think Indian music, Bollywood dancing, Indian food, and A WHOLE LOT OF COLOR!

Basically you go to Holi to enjoy this festival of spring by throwing color on all your friends.

A few tips:

  1. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  2. Keep your mouth closed or you’ll be eating color.
  3. Whatever you do, DON’T GET WET. The dye will set in.
  4. Wear white. It shows off the color to the best advantage.
  5. Have fun and wish everyone a HAPPY HOLI!

Here is our BEFORE photo!

And here we are mid festival:

And finally, what we look like when we exited the festival:
So much fun!


Happy Holi 2016!

Every year, for the past 7 years, I have taken my boys to Holi at Stanford. Holi is an Indian festival of spring – celebrated with music, dancing, food, and the omnipresent flinging of “colors” on people while saying “Happy Holi!”

Colors are food-grade powdered paint which are usually tinted green, orange, pink, and yellow.

You grab a handful and throw it on your friends and family while trying to duck their throws.

For years, my boys enjoyed slamming me in the face with color.

holi-boysWhen Stanford allowed water at Holi (pre California drought), they doused me with water and actually turned my hair a nice Easter egg yellow that cost $200 and an appointment with a very talented hair stylist.

Lately though my boys are “too old” to go to Holi, which is to say that they’d prefer to hang out with their friends playing video games than going with their mom to an open field to run in circles throwing paint on one another.

Sigh. Welcome to teenagerhood.

Last year I talked Tejas into going to Holi with me:

But this year, I got Barbara, Michelle, and Kari to all go with me to Holi AND WE HAD A BLAST!

The music was amazing.

The food was spectacular.

And the colors were FLYING!

I took a few shots straight to the face, as evidenced by this photo of me with a full green face (Kari, Barbara, and Michelle are painted pretty good themselves).

holi-groupI hope I get to keep doing Holi and that my friends continue to do it with me.


Like a color run, but WITHOUT ANY RUNNING!

holi holi
holi IMG_9260
holi holi


Happy Holi!

On Easter Sunday, I got up bright and early to get breakfast with Tejas and then make the drive to Stanford to participate in Asha’s Holi 2015.

This is the fourth year I’ve participated in Holi. In previous years I’ve taken my boys, their friends, my mom, and a date whose name I can’t recall.

Tejas and I were planning on taking a folding chair with us in case his knee or his back started acting up, but all went smoothly.

I showered Tejas with color – orange and green.

He doused me with pink and yellow.

And the game was ON.

We spent the better part of 30 minutes throwing color on eachother. We made sure to get the white outfits we were wearing as DIRTY WITH COLOR as possible.

And we did a find job.

After resting for a few minutes, then snarfing down some tasty Indian food, we were ready to head home.

I had explained to Tejas that the color doesn’t stain unless you get it wet. And if you do get it wet, then be prepared to have Easter egg yellow blond hair for the next week, which if you work in the Dean’s office is not an encouraged personal style statement.

Yes, I speak from experience.

Rain showers were predicted for Sunday but we were lucky that they held off long enough for us to have our fun and get out of there.

However, nothing could stop Tejas from sweating and the sweat mixed with the color and turned his skin a lovely pea green shade.

Not kidding. He couldn’t get it to come off.

I told him to use alcohol (apply it, don’t drink it, I joked).

No good.

Still green.

But overall, it was quite a fun event and I enjoyed blasting Tejas with color over and over again.

And I got to eat baby coconut, so there’s that too.


The one where she lands a date in less than an hour

I was all set to go to Holi with Jeep.

Me: Don’t forget, the festival is tomorrow. Do you think you could be at my place at 11 AM?

Jeep: Good morning….. I can’t wait to hang out with you…. 🙂

Jeep: Really excited.

And he wasn’t the only excited one. I was excited to go to Holi too. I was looking forward to it.

Then at 8 am the morning of the festival, Jeep cancelled.

Jeep: Good morning Michelle… I had one of the guys no call no show… I got called into work this morning so I’m not going to be able to go with you dammit… ugh.

So I scrambled to try and find a “date” to go to Holi with me. And who I found was the Beekeeper – a 50-something-ish professor who raises bees and teaches Aero/Astro in the Bay Area.

He was a lot of fun, and a really good sport for someone who was about to get covered in paint…

Him: Sounds like fun. I’ll need to cut out around 3 – 3:30. If that’s not a problem, I happily will join you.

Me: You will need to cut out earlier and shower.

Him: Shower?

Me: Lol… the paint…

Him: Paint? What kind of a festival is this?

Me: Like a color run but without the running. It’s a Hindu festival of spring.

And indeed, it was a spectacular festival. The beekeeper was a total gentleman and sprinkled color on me instead of throwing fistfuls of it in my face, like my boys do. We danced, we ate tasty Indian food, and had an all-around great time.

Here’s a BEFORE pic:

And here’s an AFTER pic: