I’m in love

I got a new bodysuit and I’m so EXCITED about it.

Isn’t it GORGEOUS?

I love the iridescent blue, purple, and fuchsia!

Of course, I got it off of etsy where it was advertised as a “stripper monokini.”

What I’d like to know is HOW DO YOU STRIP IN THIS?


I know you can strip in anything but don’t you want multiple layers to take off piece by piece – top comes off, skirt comes off, slip comes off, bra comes off, panties come off?

This one comes off as ONE PIECE!

Where’s the temptation there?

In any case, it’s now mine and I love it and I’m wearing it at Burning Man.

Should be quite the conversation starter.

I know you all are wondering if I’m crazy.

And maybe I am a little.

But I feel like I should wear what I love and love what I wear on the playa.

And right now, I’m in love with THIS!