Sneaking around naked

This may or may not have happened at Mercey Hot Springs:

After imbibing MANY gin and tonics with FRESH lime juice, an entire bottle of champagne, AND a few glasses of red wine, two women decided to sneak off to the “CLOTHING OPTIONAL” soaking tubs to take a dip in the hot water.

The hot tubs are empty and have to be filled with hot water for each user.

The hot tubs are also crawling with black beetles that have to be flushed down the drain BEFORE you can use the tubs.

So the women rinsed out their hot tubs, got rid of all the beetles, and filled their tubs with water.

Then they carefully removed their clothing, placed everything on a nearby chair, and stepped into their hot tubs to soak.

The water was hot and enveloping.

The night breeze was warm and relaxing.

One of them turned off their Coleman lantern so that they could see the lights from the stars.

As soon as the light went off, the women were cloaked in darkness.

The light from distant starts started to appear before them.

It was the Milky Way, almost close enough to touch.

So beautiful

So striking.

Before long, the women were joined by two other couples, who each snuck into their own tubs to watch the star show.

And then, one of the women started snoring.

She was sleeping in her hot tub.

Her friend, realizing it was time to take her back to the tent, rustled her awake.

“Time to go to the tent.”

In order to not put on a peep show to the light of a Coleman lantern, the women opted to wrap their towels around themselves and sneak back to their tent, hopefully avoiding staff.

The woman who was awake had a yellow towel and she wrapped it tightly around her body.

The sleepy woman did not do very well wrapping up her nudity. She was losing her towel right and left, so much that the other woman had to turn off the lantern lest they be seen in the light.

They carefully made their way, giggling loudly, in the dark to the campsite.

Home sweet home!

Things that make me vomit a little in my mouth

michelleSo there I was.

Naked, and stepping into the hot tub.

The heat sunk though my skin to my bones, warming me.

And that’s when I saw it.

A tiny scrap of latex clinging to the side of the hot tub.

I took a closer look.


Just as I expected.

A used condom.


I am not a big fan of condoms.

I can barely tolerate my own prophylactics.

But someone else’s?

Ewwww, no!

Nothing worse than a cold sackful of stranger’s cum sitting by the side of your hot tub.


I just threw up a little in my mouth writing that sentence.

So what did I do?


I ignored it.

What was I supposed to do?

Clean it up?

I left it there for some other poor soul to deal with.

And I tried to ignore the fact that its presence signified that MANY OTHER PEOPLE COME TO THE HOT TUBS TO GET IT ON.

‘Cuz you know what I was there for. . .