Whale Watching

Sunday, I took to the seas with my friends Barbara and Elissa to go whale watching.

I’ve gone whale watching in the past without success. In fact, one time in college I went whale watching with my entire Ecology class during a storm and the seas were so violent nearly half the class was puking into buckets below deck.

I hoped we’d be more successful this time, and have calmer seas.

Luckily, such was the case this time around and I got lucky.

First we saw a pod of Risso dolphins. It was so exciting to watch them swim and crest with the waves. The pod even had little baby dolphins swimming with it and there isn’t much cuter than a baby dolphin.

We headed out to find whales and came across a HUGE pod of common dolphins. They swam with the boat and I got a good look at them up close. So incredible to see these graceful creatures out in the wild.

Bad Sea World!

After the common dolphins, we FINALLY came across a family of humpback whales – perhaps 5 of them – swimming, cresting, and breaching.

whale tailCan I tell you that I was beside myself with excitement? I was thrilled to finally see whales out in the wild and to get a real sense of their size and strength. These beautiful sea mammals were slicing through the water despite weighing nearly 80,000 pounds.

One even launched itself out of the water and breached, much to the excitement of the crowds watching.

whale breachAfter the whale watching, which got Elissa, Barbara and I a little bit cold (I had blue lips), we had lunch on the wharf. Barbara was in search of the perfect bowl of clam chowder and I just wanted raw oysters.

We found the perfect restaurant and enjoyed a meal together before heading home.

On the way we stopped at a roadside fruit stand to buy some fruits and veggies. Their strawberries were to die for.

So were their grapefruits.