Vegas, baby!

I’ve been to Vegas three times.

For all three trips I was with ex-boyfriends.

The first time, ex-bf #1 and I were all hot and heavy and made love all weekend long.

There was a SMALL snafu with that electrical cock ring, but overall the weekend was marked with nothing but pleasure – for food, cocktails, and each other.

The second time we went he and I were weeks away from breaking up and I’m pretty sure I saw it in the stars when I woke up in the middle of the night and found him sitting in a chair, watching me sleep.

It was a much more somber trip to Vegas, that time.

My third trip to Vegas was during a road trip to Arizona.

It was fucking hot and I spent the majority of my time trying to find another couple to have fun with.

We wound up taking in the Titanic display.

It was definitely not a sexy weekend.

Lately, I’ve been thinking I want to go to Vegas again.

Just for a weekend getaway.

Check out The Strip and catch some entertainment.

Day drink.

Watch a show with naked performers.

You know, do all the things that Vegas is famous for.

I’ve never been to Vegas as a “single” woman.

I’ve always been coupled up for my trips.

And seeing as how I think Vegas is more fun when you go with friends, I would want to take my sister, Barbara, Yvonne, Marina, and Michelle with me.

Just me and a pile of sexy women having fun in Vegas.

Or The Swede.

Vegas would definitely be fun with The Swede.

New man = new bedding

I have a thing about bedding.

Every time I get a new boyfriend, I get new bedding.


It just seems wrong to sleep with a different man in sheets christened by his predecessor.

Am I right?

No jokes about how much bedding I should have, btw.

It all started 8 years ago.

I had beautiful red floral IKEA bedding which I slept in with my then-boyfriend Jay.

I have pictures I took of him smiling at me from among those red sheets and the images are burned into my brain.

I don’t even need to close my eyes and I can see his face and those sheets.

So it was necessary when we split to gift that bedding to my sister’s spare bedroom.

And thus a habit was born.

New man = new bedding.

Needless to say, I’ve been sleeping in the same bedding for years now and I finally allowed myself the luxury of buying new bedding NOT BECAUSE OF A NEW MAN but because I simply wanted new bedding.

Oh sure, I’m sure a new man will someday snuggle with me under that comforter, but until then this girl is happy sleeping solo in my new bedding!


New bedding christened in the Motor Beast at Burning Man 2016. Can you tell I like bright colors?



Truth be told, I don’t like it when I’m not working on putting together a costume.

I wonder what the theme will be for the next Village meeting or the next birthday party.

If I knew, I could start planning already.

I checked out a Michael Jackson costume – Totally 80’s!

I also looked into a St. Patrick’s Day costume. Everything green!

In the end, I decided to put together a Pyrate costume.

Mind you, this is my SECOND pyrate costume.

I already have one which I wore to a Pyrate Party 6 years ago.

I remember my ex boyfriend and I had just broken up and I went to the party single while he brought a date.

And his date spent the entire evening hanging all over him trying to make me feel bad.

And I did. Until my new theme song “So What” by Pink! started playing over the speakers.

“So, so what?
I’m still a rock star
I got my rock moves
And I don’t need you
And guess what
I’m having more fun
And now that we’re done
I’m gonna show you tonight
I’m alright, I’m just fine
And you’re a tool
So, so what?”

Then I felt how strong I truly was. Able to stand on my own two feet in the face of opposition.

In any case, not long after that song played my ex and his mean girl date left the party.

He wasn’t having fun.

Years later we discussed the evening’s events and he apologized for her behavior.

He always was a good guy.

In any case, I now have a second pyrate costume I can wear that has no complex emotional associations.

Just me, a short skirt, and a swashbuckler’s hat.

What could be better?


Dear you… Love, Me

MichelleI was sick this past weekend with an unpleasant cold and I spent my days in bed watching movies. I rather unwisely chose to watch movies from the ROMANCE genre which had the lovely effect on me of making me sad, lonely, and horny.

I DO NOT recommend watching romance flicks when you’re single. They will only serve to make you feel like an American version of Bridget Jones without the lovely British accent and Mark Darcy waiting in the wings.

Instead of composing blog posts (like I should have been doing), I composed letters in my head to “The One Who Got Away” and “The Man I Can’t Forget.

Romantic letters.

Letters telling him how much I miss him and how I think of him every day.

How my boys still talk about him and ask how he’s doing.

Some boyfriends fade into the background once the relationship is over. Dave, is a perfect example of that. It becomes harder and harder to recall a single memory of the two of us together.

But others, oh other boyfriends take on a life of their own and become your fantasy when you are turned on. The person you compose letters to in your head when you are lonely. And the one whose name pinches your heart a little when you hear it.

Now during the holiday season, the memories are especially strong.

We both LOVED Christmas and had a spectacular time shopping and exploring the Bay Area during the holidays.

We once saw a whole army of Santa Clauses on a beach in Santa Cruz.

j-m1We had drinks at the Ritz-Carlton with his parents and took pictures in front of their ginormous Christmas tree while the bagpipes played in the distance.

I inundated him with gifts, particularly a handmade quilt with a special theme for him.

The letters I write always start out the same.

“Dear you…”

and they end with “Love, me.”

The Man I Can’t Forget

I was 34 when I met Jay.

He was the bar manager at a small bar which served amazing craft cocktails.

I was actually on a date with another man.  We were sitting at the bar, and something about they way Jay said my name made me aware that this was an intimate moment.  We fell in love instantly. He was tall with medium brown hair and a slightly crooked nose.

Besides being a bartender, he was a cage fighter, trained in Krav Maga, and Muay Thai.  I never saw him fight.  I never needed too.  He was such a lover it was hard to imagine him fighting anyone.

We traveled all over the Bay Area together.  The world was our oyster and we were living life to the fullest.  On our first trip to Vegas we made love every few hours.  It was pure heaven.

I’d like to say I married him, but instead our relationship rapidly fell apart about 2 years into it due to job stress, mounting debt, and lack of time spent together.

But I’ll always remember him fondly as the one who got away and the man I’ll never forget.

Hopefully he remembers me well too.

And here are a few photos, just to show you what I look like when I am blissfully happy…

j-c2 j-m1
kisskiss2 jellyBelly 155


Cocktails at the Martini Monkey

Friday night I was at San Jose Airport, Terminal C at the Martini Monkey with a group of friends, celebrating bartender the bartender’s cocktail making it into the 2007 Food and Wine Cocktail Guide. Here he is making a Hemingway (Bacardi limon rum + Luxardo sour cherry liqueur):


Here we are, a bunch of locals, packing the airport bar and abusing short term parking, all in our quest for the perfect cocktail. And I must say, the bartender is the best bartender in the Bay Area. You will not be disappointed. Furthermore, for you girls out there, if you go to eat at the Mexican place across the plaza, the likelihood of you getting hit on by a Jet Blue pilot or flight attendant is astronomically high (3 hits, 3 separate innings)..

My date was a total animal, as evidenced by this photo. And, he left with someone else (Henry, gasp!). I knew he wasn’t my type!