I kinda fell in LOVE with this whole picture.

The black bodysuit.

The cutoff jeans.

The tan.

It’s all PERFECT.

But I ESPECIALLY fell in love with the layered necklaces.

They really complete the look.

So I got online and found a couple of statement and layered necklaces to add to my jewelry collection:


I just LOVE them.

And I think they will go well added to my Burning Man outfits this year.

Of course, I am NOTORIOUS for buying jewelry for Burning Man and not wearing it.

The reason is three-fold.

One – it takes FOREVER to get out of camp and jewelry is just another barrier to getting the hell out there and participating!

Two – It’s hard to find jewelry that isn’t MOOPY. The last thing I want to do is leave bits and pieces of my jewelry all over the playa.

Three – There’s just so many cool hand-made pendants that get gifted, I find myself wearing those instead of my jewelry.

So hopefully this year, I will do better with regard to actually wearing the things I bring with me.

And if not?

Oh fucking well.

It’s Burning Man.

Burning Man through the eyes of a beauty magazine

While trolling Pinterest for Burning Man ideas and inspiration, I came across a Glamour UK article on “10 Incredible Beauty Looks from Burning Man.”

IMG_9383I was intrigued.

What would Glamour magazine have to say on the subject and isn’t it interesting that the styles of Burning Man have reached internationally across the globe?

What followed was a series of 10 pictures, each one like the rest, of women sporting serious face paint, jewelry, glitter, and bindis.

IMG_9385Oh dear.

Not my experience of Burning Man beauty at all, but probably a good representation of what a beauty magazine would choose to emphasize.

Setting aside the wisdom of using glitter and jewels which can fall off sweaty faces in the desert heat and become MOOP (Matter Out Of Place), I just have to say that I was disappointed.

I’ve seen beautiful faces at Burning Man.

  • A woman emerging from the Sauna Dome with a flushed red face and a look of pleasure on her face.
  • Or the exhilaration reflected in the flames on the face of a woman watching the Man burn.
  • Or silent tears slipping down the face of a woman at Temple, making peace with the passing of her father.

I know it’s unfair of me to negate the view of a beauty rag that has such a narrow definition of beauty. Obviously, this is beauty too.

But what I think is beautiful about Burning Man, what I think is truly extraordinarily beautiful, is more than just glitter, glamour, and perfect cheekbones.

It’s the life in the faces of the people you see.

They’re ALIVE!

There is no makeup in the world that can achieve that look.

And, of course, no beauty magazine, is going to understand the nuance of beauty you apply to your face v.s. beauty that comes from within.

What was I thinking?!

Etsy thinks I’m a black woman


Etsy thinks I’m a black woman with pierced nipples.

How do I know this?

Because in “Our Recommendations” I have a bunch of tribal clothing and jewelry AND nipple piercing jewelry.

I like all the tribal stuff.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 12.42.58 PMIt’s bright and colorful and very me.

But the nipple piercing jewelry? Not so much.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 12.44.33 PMMy poor nipples recoil at the thought of getting a silver bar stabbed through them.

No thank you, I’ll keep them just as God created them.

Besides, it would DRIVE ME NUTS to have something stimulating them all day. I’d either be distracted ALL THE TIME or I’d become completely DESENSITIZED, which for obvious reasons is NOT AT ALL GOOD.

Now, I know why the tribal clothing and jewelry is in my Recommendations.

It’s because I did a search for “large earrings” and I liked a bunch of tribal earrings.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 1.04.36 PMBut I NEVER searched or liked nipple piercings.

  1. I’d be afraid of the NSFW search results.

Now, I have (on occasion) searched for nipple CLAMPS, but that’s a totally different BEAST.

Or BREAST, as the case may be.

Plays with glass

About a year ago, I took a glass blowing class which – to my surprise – actually involved blowing glass. I thought it was just an old terminology used to describe the process.

So I blew my glass and made a lovely red glass bowl for my mother for Christmas 2014.

Fast forward a year and I’ve signed myself up for a fused glass jewelry class where I get to make three glass pendants.

I think instead of sticking my glass pendant in a glory hole, I’ll get to use a blow torch.

Me, with a blow torch.

Now there’s an image.

So what am I going to make?

Probably some Burning Man pendants, if I can.

Pendants that show the sacred geometry, not The Man. There’s just something about the sacred geometry (shown here in platinum) that I LOVE.

necklaceSo wish me luck.

Hope I don’t burn myself or light anything on fire!


Steampunk Costume: The accessories

So of course with Steampunk costumes, the devil is in the details so I am working hard trying to add a few details to my costume.

To begin with there’s the hat, which I somehow must adorn with bits and bobs in order to make it look steampunky.

Here are some of the things I’ve gathered to outfit the hat properly.

stean5 steam6
steam4 steam3
steam2 steam1

And here are the necklace and earrings I purchased for the outfit.

steam8 steam9

 Then there are the gloves. Lord knows that wearing gloves is going to bug the daylights out of me, but for the sake of fashion, I can pull them off.


But the real accessory here is the belt I am wearing which I can hang things off of.  Check it out!

steam11 steam12
steam13 steam14

Now I’ve just got to get the accessories to hang off the belt.  I’ve already purchased skeleton keys to make a key ring:

steam10What’s left?  Goggles (of course), maybe a clock, a compass, a mug, etc.

I’m not even going to tell you how much this costume is costing me.  Not with all the custom made etsy parts that are going into it.  Suffice to say that I better wear this for a long, long time coming!