A Steady Diet of Kisses

When you’ve been single for a while, flirting comes as easily as breathing.

Breathe in.

Plant a kiss on your favorite single guy.

Breathe out.

So imagine me at unSCruz, trying to not flirt because I was there with The Swede.

All those delicious men who flirt back with me and make me feel sexy and appealing. . .

. . .they were off limits.

I’ve gotten in the habit of kissing as many people as possible.

It’s a hard habit to break and fortunately, given that The Swede has a more European view of things, I didn’t have to.

I went around kissing all my friends – male, female, trans, bi, gay, furry – you name it, I was kissing it.

Of course, the best kisser in the whole bunch was The Swede.

He would grab me and kiss me, just because.

Or say something provocative and then plant one on me.

For someone who is usually starving for affection, I got a steady diet of it during unSCruz.

So much so that I know it’s going to be hard for me to go without it.

The Swede leaves for Sweden today.

And I am going to miss him.



Kisses I want to experience

28ce4d872675af5d314fc5c2a7dcb09eI’m a kissing conoisseur.  I collect them like other women collect shoes or jewelry.  So here is my list of kisses I’d like to experience:

  1. The We’re Not Friends Anymore Kiss
  2. The Kitchen Makeout Kiss
  3. The Run & Jump Kiss
  4. The Elevator Makeout Kiss
  5. The Office Hookup Kiss
  6. The Superfriendly Kiss on the Cheek
  7. The Perfect Kiss
  8. The Come Closer Kiss
  9. The Passionate Grab
  10. The “It’s On” Kiss
  11. The Shower Makeout Kiss
  12. The Lip Bite
  13. The Against the Wall Kiss
  14. The Kiss and Makeup Kiss
  15. The Really Really Hot Kiss
  16. The Car Makeout Kiss
  17. The Can’t Keep Our Hands Off Eachother Kiss
  18. The Naked Stomach Kiss (which leads to the Naked Naughty Bits Kiss)
  19. The Don’t Leave Kiss
  20. The Backseat of a Cab Kiss
  21. The Morning Makeout Kiss
  22. The Hello Kiss
  23. The Goodbye Kiss
  24. The Neck Kiss
  25. The In The Rain Kiss
  26. The Kiss While Unbuttoning
  27. The FINALLY Kiss
  28. The Cop a Feel Kiss
  29. The Wake Up Kiss
  30. The Ocean Frolic Kiss

So there you have it, not at all exhaustive but a pretty good start.  I’d better get cracking.  The best kiss I’ve had in a year was Edward/Wine Guy.  Time to make some new memories.

I’ll start with a 22, followed by an 8 and I’ll end with a 7.