I’m toying with the idea of making a Lagertha costume so I’ve been all over Amazon picking out the costume.

Who would think you can get everything you need from Amazon to make the costume?

  1. Lagertha Viking shield ($199)
  2. Blond Lagertha wig ($13.23)
  3. Blond clip in dreadlocks ($159.95)
  4. Viking dreadlock beads ($18.99)
  5. Navy blue shirt ($8.65 – $34.99)
  6. Faux chainmail tunic ($52.30)
  7. Dark brown over-the-bust corset ($29.99 – $35.99)
  8. Women’s brown pants ($20.90)
  9. Brown slouchy boots ($16.05 – $35.28)
  10. Brown faux leather braces ($12.99)
  11. Medieval ring belt ($12.99)
  12. Viking sword ($43.02)

I’m totally loving this outfit, not for Burning Man, but for Halloween or a Vikings party.

If I work on this costume, and I’m not saying I will, there’s a chance I will take a picture of myself in the costume to send to Scandinavia.

Just because I have friends there who might get a kick out of seeing me in full Viking garb.




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