Shelter in Place

Per government order, I am sheltering in place at home with my family.

It’s quite a thing we’re going through now and I confess I am having a hard time writing with all the worry that’s shooting around in my brain.

I’m sure the same worries are floating around in your head as well so I won’t beleaguer the topic.

The bad news is that I’m stuck in a house.

The good news is that so far we are all healthy.

I scoped out Amazon for wigs yesterday, wanting to find a wig for my Latex Velma costume.

At first I thought MAYBE I could get away with something edgy – like an orange wig with brown roots:

Then I decided against it because Velma is nothing if not a slave to her geeky fashion and ombre hair is just a little too hip for that hipster.

I was going to get this:

But then I remembered that the costume I bought for Velma automatically came with a brown bob wig and glasses, so BONUS!

I just saved some money.


I was feeling smug today.

I managed to find a pair of solid red sneakers:

And I found the “perfect” sleeveless orange turtleneck:


And then, I put it all together at home:  the wig, the glasses, the shoes, the turtleneck, and the socks only to discover something was wrong:

Do you see it?  Can you tell?

The sleeveless orange turtleneck is pumpkin orange, not the fire orange it should be.

And before you go knocking the costume for being latex on bottom and cotton on top, I say you try wearing a non-breathable latex sausage casing around your toroso in 105 degree heat and then come talk to me about choosing a more natural fabric (the skirt is ventilated, so it doesn’t count).