Thick thighs and bodacious breasts

Pretty much my whole life I have wished I had legs like Heidi Klum.

Slim. Sexy. Statuesque.

What did I get?

Thick legs.

Lately however, I haven’t minded as much.

Perhaps it’s because I no longer read beauty magazines which inundate me with images of women with bodies so very unlike my own.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve set up my Instagram feed to show me images of plus size beauties like @lillias_right

And @theericalauren

There’s just something about seeing women with bodies like my own that make me feel more confident in my own skin.

Nevertheless, I was surprised to find that THIS

was my most popular boudoir photo.

Thick thighs. Hip tattoos showing. Airbrushed skin like plastic.

I suppose that there are men (and women) out there who like thick legs.

I know they are growing on me.

My other most popular picture on this blog is this one:

A hot tub photo with a near nip slip.

Ample breasts, steamy skin, wild hair.

The popularity of this photo surprises me less.

I’ve just got to say how very impressed I am with my blog audience for liking these photos.

Guess what?

Thick thighs and bodacious breasts are IN!




Got tits. Got ass. Got legs?

One of the benefits of running a blog is seeing the search terms people enter into their search engine in order to come up with my blog:

  • Erotic hair pulling
  • Babe pantie ass
  • Men with beards
  • Sexy hot thick leg

Wha? Sexy hot thick leg?

Yes, indeed. People surf on in to unblunder to read about (and see) thick legs.

I once wrote a post about it.

A very POPULAR post.

The truth is, I’ve got a nice butt. And I’ve got great tits. But the legs… well, they’re not gonna win any competitions. I’m no Victoria Silverstedt.

FullSizeRender(10)I’ve struggled with this my whole life. I’ve always wanted nice slim stems to strut around on but instead I was given a sturdy pair.

It is, quite possibly, the most sensitive and vulnerable thing about me.

Oh wait… there’s something else.

But it’s damn close.

In any case, I like to look on Pinterest for “thick legs” because seeing all those curvy ladies and realizing they’re still beautiful in spite of or because of their legs, makes me feel a whole lot better about mine.

And of course, I get a little giddy realizing that SOME GUYS LIKE IT AND SEARCH FOR THICK LEGS ON THE INTERNET.

So there you go.

Sweet little body, I will try SO HARD to not criticize you as much as I have in the past.

You’re beautiful.


And just for shits and giggles, here’s a pretty good representation of what I think I look like….naked.