Giving up vanilla

Vanilla guys just aren’t working out for me.

I’ve tried SO MANY TIMES to find someone who fits using Match and POF but NO LUCK.

Granted, I have an UNUSUAL lifestyle.

I go to Burning Man.

I hug and kiss all my friends.

I even get naked with them (HELLO BARE BURN).

It’s not easy to find someone who can accept these quirks.

You kind of need to be a little bit of a freak yourself to fit in with me.

Mainstream just doesn’t cut it.

Neither does religious.

And don’t get me started on CONSERVATIVES.

I am a liberal, agnostic burner with poly tendencies.

And so I am wondering if perhaps I’m fishing in the wrong pond when I use Match and POF.

Are there others, you wonder?

Why yes, there are.

I could try Lifestyle Lounge, SLS, or Kasidie.

I’ve always thought the idea of getting online just to hookup is sort of useless.

Because I really want to meet someone and fall in love.

But the more I date, the more I realize that I’ve been ruined for vanilla men.

And I’m a bit of a poly kinkster, a BIG FLIRT and a VERY OPEN-MINDED WOMAN.

Sweet but twisted

MichelleIn the last decade, I’ve been exposed to some “fringe” ideas.

Not surprisingly, attending Burning Man introduced me to many new things including people who embrace a poly lifestyle.

Believe you me, you don’t know what it’s like to see someone celebrate her boyfriend’s birthday with her husband in tow, but it’s a little bit of a mind blower!

And it’s all kosher.

If a little out of the mainstream.

Then there’s the kink.

I’ve become familiar with role play, ropes, and kinky stuff I’m not willing to admit to on this blog.

It’s enough to make me less-than-vanilla but not a full blown kinkster.

I think life would be easier if I was fully vanilla or fully kinky.

But this in between stage is awkward.

Since I’m looking for a monogamous relationship, which leans more to the vanilla side of things, I wonder what potential mates will think of my poly and kinky friends.

So I guess I need to find someone flexible, open-minded, and semi kinky, just like me!

Easy peasy.