Dick pics vs chick pics NSFW

Time to clean up the pics on my cell phone.

You know it’s time to clean up the pics on your cell phone when you pass it to another person and think, “God, I hope they don’t swipe right OR left!”

I’ve taken to warning people, “Be careful with swiping. You never know what you might see on my phone” but it a way that only encouraged SWIPING.


So here I am, cleaning up my iPhone.

Filing away the naughty photos into PhotoSafePro, my go to program for pics I want to keep under lock and key, I decided to count exactly how many dick pics I have in my vaults.


That’s right. I have 119 different photos of dick pics in my library.

That’s quite an assortment.

And yes, I can *mostly* tell who they belong to because each new cock is interspersed with photos of the owner.


It made me think about an article Marina sent me about a woman who made an art exhibit out of unsolicited dick pics.

She must’ve had quite a few too. More or less than 119, do you think?

In any case, I also counted all the naked boob pics I have (and not all of them are of me, though the lion’s share are) and I discovered I have A LOT.


So what does it say about me that I have more boob pics than dick pics?

It could mean that it’s more socially permissible to have naked breasts displayed than naked cocks. What’s true in Hollywood is true in my iPhone.

It could also mean that it’s easier for me to take pics of breasts than it is for me to get cock pics (cough, cough).

But in reality, I think it means that most of the men I sext with like to see pics of my breasts and so I have A SHITLOAD OF THEM.