What is love?

Is it meeting a new person and falling head over heels for them?

Or is it a gradual increase in affection over time.

To be honest, I’ve always chosen the “head over heels love” over the “gradual increase in affection.”

It just feels right, to have a RUSH of emotion and be completely and totally enamored with a person.

Granted, there is little you can know about a person straight off the bat.

When I fall in love at first sight, I am reacting to my perception of who this new man is and what he looks like, and not the reality of who he really is.

And often times, you get burned when you find out the truth.

So a slow-building, gradual increase in affection seems preferable.

Get to know the REAL person slowly, over time and fall in love with who they really are.

This is the dilemma I’m facing now.

The new guy is great.

A wonderful man.

Great job. Great family. Great location. Ready for a relationship.

There’s nothing bad I can say about him.

So why this hesitation with me then?

Maybe our passion for each other is developing slower than our friendship?

I get that friendship is important but does that mean the visceral longing and desire that I want to feel isn’t?

Because I’m getting the feeling I can have one.

Or the other.

And I want both at the same time.


I don’t have a daughter. What I do have is a house filled with testosterone, lizards, and toilet seats with sprinkle on top.

Some of the time, I am okay with my lack of a daughter. Like every time I see a little girl mysteriously burst into tears and wail “YELLOW!” That’s when I embrace the simplicity of my “cause-and-effect” little boys.

However, when I stumble upon THIS goodness on the internet, it’s hard to not long for a little blond mini-me:


I suspect if I showed this to my 12 year old son, he would slip it on and never take it off. But he also likes to wear my nightgowns and platform pumps.

Ah, life’s unfulfilled fantasies.